Kim Kardashian Divorce? Kanye Struggling To Save Marriage [Report]

A Kim Kardashian divorce appears to be in the works. Even a month after Kardashian's Paris robbery, the reality TV star has continued to be in poor shape. Radar Online has recently reported that the incident has taken a major toll on the couple's relationship. Despite Kim Kardashian's deteriorating condition, her husband, Kanye West, has been continuing to make desperate attempts to save their marriage.

Last week, Kanye had ended his LA concert earlier than anticipated, blaming it on his hoarse voice. Radar Online claims that the rapper got choked up when singing a song about his daughter, North.

A Kim Kardashian divorce seems like a strong possibility. An insider from the Kardashian family told the online publication that Kanye has been struggling to take care of his wife. Kim Kardashian has allegedly continued to be inconsolable since the dramatic Paris robbery.

"Kanye doesn't know how to handle Kim right now. He can't deal with it anymore and is at his breaking point."
The rapper didn't think Kim's healing process would take so long, and Kanye is reportedly losing patience. The Kardashian clan insider told Radar Online, "He is just starting to get really frustrated because he thought Kim would be over this by now."
The Kim Kardashian divorce hasn't happened yet, but the Keeping Up with the Kardashians (KUWTK) star has allegedly been hinting at the possibility. An unknown source close to the Hollywood family claims, "Kim has become really cold to Kanye." As a result, her behavior has been pushing "the two of them apart."

Kim Kardashian has supposedly been out of touch with reality since the incident. The family friend said that the reality TV star continues to be "stuck in her head." While Kanye has tried to help his wife, he is frustrated since nothing seems to heal her.

The Kim Kardashian divorce wouldn't have an explosive ending. The Kardashian insider explained to Radar Online that they aren't "fighting non-stop." Instead, there has been a lack of communication between the couple.

"It is actually quite the opposite. Kim won't even engage with Kanye and isn't listening to anything that he says."
While some have claimed that the Kardashian has become a bit of a recluse, Radar Online claims that the star is craving the spotlight once again. Allegedly, Kim was spotted at Kanye's LA concert, in October. Accompanying the reality TV star was the KUWTK camera crew.

Despite a Kim Kardashian divorce, the star doesn't necessarily have plans to leave the spotlight. While she has taken a noticeable social media hiatus, Kardashian has still be spotted filming the next season of her television show. For several weeks, Kim stayed out of the public eye, but she finally made her way back into the spotlight. Not only did the star bring her reality television show camera crew, but she also brought the entirety of her security detail, reported Radar Online. After all, she had a very close call with harm, or even death, during her Paris robbery.

A Kim Kardashian divorce might not only be the major change in the reality TV star's life. Kardashian has reportedly become less materialistic since the incident. A source close to Kim spoke to this.

"Kim doesn't even talk about her jewelry or watches or pursues or shoes anymore."
For the most part, Kardashian has been spending a lot of time in her California home. Friends of the Hollywood star have been encouraging her to go outside.
"Her friends are telling her she isn't dead, and she needs to go out."
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