Underworld Star Shane Brolly: My Psychopath Brother Tried To Kill Me

James Johnson

Shane Brolly, the actor who starred as Kraven in three Underworld movies claimed this week that his brother is a psychopath who spent years tormenting and even trying to kill him.

Most recently Brolly claims that his brother tried to run him over with a truck during a dispute.

The constant torment into adulthood has led the actor to file a temporary restraining order in Los Angeles Superior Court, the order was filed against older brother Clark Brolly.

In the court filing Shane Brolly claims that he has suffered through a "lifetime of misery and abuse from this hate-filled psychopath."

Among his claims the actor says his brother has sent him death threats, sends profanity-laced emails and video messages and most recently tried to run him over with a truck. Brolly claims he is only alive because he "ran for his life" from his crazy brother.

The temporary restraining order was granted by a judge and Shane Brolly will return to court at the end of October. If granted a permanent restraining order his brother will no longer be able to contact him in any way.

Along with his roles in the Underworld movie series Shane Brolly has also appeared in CSI: NY, the TV series Mr. And Mrs. Smith and Room 6 among others.

Brolly and his brother have remained quite about the lawsuit and have not yet returned requests for a response.

Could you file a restraining against your own brother or sister.