Park Bo-Gum Never Loses His Smile, Says Actor Go Kyung-Pyo

South Korean actor Park Bo-gum has a knack for timing. The K-drama heartthrob flaunted his surprising power of spontaneity when he turned up at actor Go Kyung-pyo's fan meeting in Seoul on Wednesday.Fans went berserk when Park Bo-gum showed up on the stage.

Actor Go Kyung-pyo could not believe his eyes when he spotted his Reply 1988 co-star standing right next to him on the dais. The duo laughed heartily and hugged each other. Park Bo-gum gifted his former co-star a beautiful bouquet and a bag of goodies.

Watch Park Bo-gum make a surprise entry in the video below.

According to a report by All K-Pop, Park Bo-gum did not inform his agency about his surprise appearance. He made the decision on the spur of the moment. His intent was to show Go Kyung-pyo how much he valued his friendship.

In January, during Park Bo-gum's first fan meet, Go Kyung-pyo made a surprise appearance. "Even when he is busy, Park Bo-gum never loses his smile," said actor Go Kyung-pyo, according to a report by All K-Pop.

In September, Park Bo-gum received another surprise from Go Kyung-pyo.

According to Soompi, his Reply 1988 co-star sent a coffee truck to the filming location of K-drama Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. Go Kyung-pyo extended his support with a personalized message on the truck.

"I went to Thailand to drink some coffee, and because the coffee was good, I'm sending you some," the message on the truck said, referring to Go Kyung-pyo's character in Jealousy Incarnate.

Park Bo-gum, who is known for his humor and humility, wanted to extend a similar support to his buddy Go Kyung-pyo. A grateful Park Bo-gum told the fans that Go Kyung-pyo cheered him during the filming of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds.

"He sent coffee carts to the filming location of my drama. I wanted to do something similar. Unfortunately, I had trouble adjusting my schedule. Luckily, I found his fan meet listed online. I wanted to make him feel special. I just came here without telling my agency," the actor said.

Blossom Entertainment must be lucky to represent an actor who is an embodiment of goodwill and ethics.

In a recent interview with K-Pop Herald, Park Bo-gum emphasized that he has immense respect for his representatives at his agency.

"The people at my agency trust me. They have helped me be where I am now. I really appreciate what they have done to make my dreams come true."
The agency, which is equally fond of the actor, said that Park Bo-gum has been doing a fantastic job.

According to Blossom Entertainment, Park Bo-gum's popularity has translated into more business."He has firmly established himself as a lead actor. We're getting more than three times as many requests as before for his appearance in dramas," said Seung Byeong-wook, a senior official at Blossom Entertainment, according to a recent report by Inquisitr.

Soon, Park Bo-gum will be embarking on an Asia tour. He will start off his fan meet at Malaysia and then head to Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and China.

Park Bo-gum's grand Asia tour will culminate in South Korea before the end of the year, a report by Inquisitr stated.

"The upcoming fan meetings will be a special occasion for Park Bo-gum to hold proper meetings with his fans not only at home, but also across Asia," announced Blossom Entertainment. The agency will keep the fans updated about Park Bo-gum's Asia tour. If all goes well, Park Bo-gum will also visit China.

Park Bo-gum's fans in the Philippines are disappointed that the actor will not be hosting a fan meet in their home country, which has a huge number of K-drama loyalists. Maybe if all goes well, Park Bo-gum might host one in the Philippines too.

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