Once again @Facebook rips off @Twitter, but who really cares anymore

This is getting borderline ridiculous.

The big news of the Internet today? Facebook yet again takes a page out of the Twitter playbook. As Duncan reported here earlier Facebook is starting to rollout what they refer to as @mentions. Of course the immediate reaction across the tech blogosphere was one of copycatism to taking a huge bite out of Twitter.

Look if we haven’t figure it out yet that Facebook doesn’t have a clue about social media outside of its own walled garden and therefore either has to buy it or ‘borrow’ ideas from those that do then you all need to sit back and take a break. This is neither earth shattering nor is it any great improvement on the already borderline confusing Facebook experience. What is slightly humorous is the light hearted attitude that everyone has over the fact that Facebook with all it’s VC money and millions upon millions of users has to resort to these type of methods to even try and stay current.

Is that what innovation has come down to these days? Can’t come up with something original or at least a vast improvement on the mousetrap we’ll just ‘borrow’ someone else’s ideas. This is what Web 2.0 is all about?

Sure Facebook can couch it all as some new and cool by using words like tagging and @mentions but the fact is it is nothing new nor is it an improvement. As much as people might be making assumptions how this new wondrous addition is going to help swing even more people to Facebook and away from Twitter I have to agree with Corvida at SheGeeks.net when she says

Could this cause you to switch from Twitter to Facebook? Personally, no. These are two different communities that I participate in. My reasons for using each varies due to the community ties.

Facebook is Facebook and Twitter is Twitter – they serve two totally different needs and no matter how hard Facebook tries it will never be Twitter and neither will they be responsible for the death of Twitter.

Now can we get on to more important things …. say checking out some Hawtness.