Can You Get Your Hands On 'Final Fantasy XV's' Episode 1 Demo?

Jovi Figueroa

Get access to over an hour of Final Fantasy XV's final version gameplay with the Judgement Disc demo, coming out tomorrow.

Announced at Square Enix' Active Time Report today, Kotaku reports that Final Fantasy XV is pushing its marketing as it approaches release date with the new Final Fantasy XV Judgement Disc demo. Final Fantasy XV game director Hajime Tabata talks about the Final Fantasy XV Judgement Disc, featuring the opening up to the middle part of Final Fantasy XV's Episode 1. Players who can get their hands on the demo can experience the final version of the game on easy difficulty.

The official announcement from the Final Fantasy XV Japan Twitter page reads that the free trial version of Final Fantasy XV Judgement Disc will be available via the PS Xbox Live or PSN on November 11, Friday.

— FINAL FANTASY XV (@FFXVJP) November 10, 2016

Why release a Judgement Disc, you ask? Well, Square Enix sees the Final Fantasy XV demo as a judgement of sorts, so players can experience the game first without commitment, to help them decide whether or not they would like to purchase the actual game. Another interesting reason why you should definitely download the Final Fantasy XV Judgement Disc demo is that after clearing the demo, you'll get to watch exclusive bonus footage previewing the main story, which will not be available to the general public. Pretty cool, no?

And if you're planning to upgrade to the PS4 Pro, good news, Final Fantasy XV has just confirmed, too, that they will be releasing support for the game on the PlayStation 4 Pro. GearNuke reports that Square Enix is planning to install two modes for Final Fantasy XV: one which will run at native 1080p that runs at 60 fps and another option that will enable 4K rendering at 30 fps. Currently, Final Fantasy XV could run at 40-50 fps but Square Enix is promising that they will be able to pull up the numbers through a patch before the year ends.

We're only just a few more days from the official launch of Final Fantasy XV but people from other parts of the world are jealous of the Final Fantasy XV promotions exclusive to certain countries. Apart from this Final Fantasy XV demo available only at the moment in Japan, UK, and Ireland will get the chance to witness a one-hour live stream featuring new gameplay reveals and interviews with the Final Fantasy XV development team. The Final Fantasy XV: Road to Release will open in various cinemas across UK and Ireland on November 22, Develop Online reports.

— Final Fantasy XV (@FFXVEN) November 8, 2016

[Featured Image by Square Enix]