Jennifer Aniston And Husband Justin Theroux Aren’t At War Over Brad Pitt

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are facing rumors of an impeding split, but luckily, the actress does not appear to be following in her ex-husband’s footsteps with a divorce.

As Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce continues to get messier, Jennifer Aniston and her husband, Theroux, have been faced with another report which claims they are at war due to the 47-year-old actress’s potential relationship with her former partner.

On the cover of the latest issue of Star magazine, a photo of a crying Jennifer Aniston is seen and in the headline, it is noted that she and Theroux, whom she married last August, were “at each other’s throats. However, according to a report by Gossip Cop on November 9, there is no truth to the report.

While the magazine claimed Jennifer Aniston had been receiving phone calls from her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, which reportedly sent Theroux into rages, Theroux hasn’t been consumed with jealousy over his wife’s alleged communication with the actor because she hasn’t had any contact with Pitt.

According to the false report, Jennifer Aniston admitted to Theroux that she’s been speaking to Pitt in the wake of his split from Jolie, the mother of his six children. However, as Gossip Cop explained, Jennifer Aniston and her husband haven’t actually been at one another’s throats, nor does Theroux feel betrayed by his wife of one year.

In response to Star’s false report, Gossip Cop confirmed that Jennifer Aniston has not been a shoulder to cry on for Brad Pitt.

As rumors continue to swirl in regard to Jennifer Aniston’s non-existent marital trouble, the actress has recently spoken out about her husband and confirmed Theroux is the “right person for her.”

“All I know is that I feel completely seen, and adored, in no matter what state,” Jennifer Aniston explained to Marie Claire magazine for their December issue, via the Daily Mail. “There’s no part of me that I don’t feel comfortable showing, exposing. And it brings forth the best part of myself, because I care about him so much. And he’s such a good person.”

“It hurts me to think of anything hurting him,” Jennifer Aniston added.

Meanwhile, Theroux has also gushed over their relationship.

“We appreciate each other’s sense of humor, we respect one another and we get along,” he told Entertainment Tonight’s Nischelle Turner in September. “I know it sounds simple but it’s true!”

In September of last year, just one month after marrying Jennifer Aniston, Theroux opened up about being able to call the actress his wife.

“It feels very touching. I can’t remember the first time I said those words but it feels fantastic. It’s a comfortable term. I was getting tired of saying fiancee,” he said, according to Entertainment Tonight. “That sounds adorable for about six months and then you go, ‘OK, we got to make some time for this.'”

Justin Theroux popped the question to Jennifer Aniston in 2012, years after they filmed Wanderlust, and on August 5, 2015, they tied the knot at their Bel Air home in front of 70 of their friends and family members, including Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen DeGeneres, Tobey Maguire, Howard Stern, Jason Bateman, Emily Blunt, Lisa Kudrow, and Courteney Cox.

Although most celebrities are unsuccessful with their attempts at keeping their weddings under wraps, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were able to do just that by disguising their nuptials as a birthday party for Theroux, who turned 44 days later.

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