‘One Piece’ Manga’s Big Mom Arc Is Ending With Chapter 854? Mangaka Eiichiro Oda Ends Chapter 845 With A Cryptic Message

One Piece manga may have survived multiple rumors about its termination. While the immensely popular manga series by mangaka Eiichiro Oda might not end as early as expected, there are several indicators about the culmination of the currently running Big Mom arc.

[Warning: Multiple One Piece Manga spoilers and speculations ahead]

There have been persistent rumors about One Piece manga ending. Rumors began circulating because of the intense schedule followed by Oda. Because the mangaka barely slept for no more than three hours, fans of the manga suggested the series might not have much material in stock. Moreover, writers who have worked with Oda noticed that he was always busy trying to discover more story arcs and how they could be intertwined to form a continuous storyline involving Luffy D. Monkey and his Straw Hats pirates.


The rumors seemed to gain credibility because of the increased frequencies of the “breaks” that the series regularly experienced. While the majority of the breaks lasted for a week, some extended into a couple. Incidentally, the mangaka confirmed Chapter 846 of One Piece is going to be delayed. At the end of Chapter 845, Oda mentioned the team will be on a break, reported Christian Today. However, it was the additional message in the last strip that indicates Big Mom Arc might be ending with Chapter 854.

As the Inquisitr had previously reported, One Piece manga might not be ending. However, the same cannot be said about the currently running and immensely engaging Big Mom arc. The latest chapter that mangaka Oda released, may contain one of the most definitive indicators about the culmination of the Big Mom arc. Oda ended Chapter 845 with a cryptic message that reads:

“Chapter 854 / End”


The latest chapter of One Piece manga could be easily considered as one of the most exciting of the Big Mom arc. There are several cliffhangers that expertly evoke multiple emotions about the band of pirates.

Although Nami and Luffy have managed to overcome several hurdles, including one of Charlotte Linlin’s three most powerful commanders, Sanji insults them. The chef not only berates the Straw Hats gang, but even mercilessly beats Luffy. Sanji tries to shove Luffy away and attempts to get the latter to leave. However, Black Leg fails miserably. Luffy doesn’t protect himself and neither does he retaliate. Instead of using violence or any of his famous Gear attacks, Luffy attempts to appeal to Sanji emotionally.


Mangaka Oda has displayed his expert ability of depicting several emotions on the characters. He made sure fans realize why Sanji behaved so badly with Luffy and Nami. While the Straw Hats captain was attempting to tug at Sanji’s heartstrings, the later was seen quietly sobbing. However, realizing that halting the Vinsmoke procession to attend to Luffy would mean jinxing the carefully built up ruse, Sanji continues with his brothers, sister, and father towards the Whole Cake Chateau.

Even at the banquet that Big Mom spread for the Vinsmoke clan, Sanji’s dejection is clearly visible. His would-be bride realizes the sorrow within Black Leg and requests for a private audience.


It is apparent that Mangaka Oda is speeding towards the culmination of the Big Mom arc because once in the presence of Lady Pudding, Sanji doesn’t hold back, and enlightens her about everything, from his childhood torments to the magic wristlets that Charlotte Linlin slapped on to prevent his escape.

In the last strip where Oda shows Lady Pudding and Sanji engaged in an emotional embrace, Pudding assures Sanji that she will be his savior this time. It is quite possible that the duo will marry, reported GameNGuide. Moreover, they may jointly help the various members of Straw Hats that are currently trapped in multiple locations on the Whole Cake Island.


Meanwhile, Luffy and Nami were shown to confront the entire “enraged army” of Big Mom as well as the Germa 66 soldiers. If the Straw Hats captain defeats all, he could become the biggest pirate, and easily defeat or subdue Sanji’s soon-to-be mother-in-law.

[Featured Image by Eiichiro Oda/One Piece Manga]