Islamist Extremists, Former KKK Leader Celebrate Trump’s Presidential Win

The presidential election victory by Donald Trump over Clinton has brought congratulations already from a number of world leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and strongman of the Middle East, Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi. Former leader of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke, has additionally been celebrating the win of Trump.

Jezebel relays the contentment that Duke has demonstrated over the win by Trump.

“Duke, a former KKK Imperial Wizard with the eyes of a cursed ventriloquist dummy, was also running for U.S. Senate in Louisiana, but only claimed 3 percent of the vote. The loss didn’t seem to dampen his bigoted spirits, however. Meanwhile, the Ku Klux Klan took to the streets to rally for Trump and their return to the mainstream in North Carolina.”

Just after Trump was named the victor of the presidential election, many prominent figures linked to jihadist factions in the Middle East also noted their happiness about Trump being elected president on social media. Their comments were aggregated by a Lebanese English-language website, the Washington Post reports.

The remarks highlighted beliefs from militants that Trump, a candidate who has been the subject of great controversy, would move forward to block Muslim immigration and continue his advocacy of torture. This is a far cry from United States’ usual stance on the global front, which has been one of morality and rights for all.

A spokesperson for Syrian jihadist group Jabhat Fatah al-Sham, Hamza al-Karibi, tweeted the group’s view of the victory and how the election goes against the former stance of the United States.

“Trump’s victory is a powerful slap to those promoting the benefits of democratic mechanisms.”

The extremist group had formerly been affiliated with al-Qaeda prior to undergoing a re-brand in order to avoid being targeted by Russians and Americans via airstrike.

Another jihadist ideologue who is also linked to al-Qaeda, Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, has nearly 60,000 followers on Twitter. He gloated about the victory while indicating that it “may be the beginning of America’s fragmentation and the era of its breakup.” He went on to state that Donald Trump “reveals the true mentality of the Americans, and their racism toward Muslims and Arabs and everything. He reveals what his predecessors used to conceal. So his victory further exposes America and its appendages.”

An additional Salafist-jihadist, Abu Qatada al-Filastini, who was deported from Britain in 2014, tweeted to his thousands of followers on the reality as he now sees it.

“Have you seen how pleasant a society it is! This is the American society that [supposedly] opposes its leaders’ policies by not hating or disdaining the world, and then it votes by the millions for Trump!”

The reaction of such extremists seems to be the reverse of what might have been expected and is vastly different from Trump critics within the United States, who instead see Trump’s election as the collapse of American exceptionalism.

In Afghanistan, a spokesman for the Taliban indicated what they see as the next essential step for Americans following the election of Donald Trump.

“Our message is that the Americans should draft a policy not to take away the independence and sovereignty of other nations,” the militant group said in a statement Wednesday. “Most importantly, they should withdraw all their troops from Afghanistan.”

It has certainly been a day in history that Americans and the rest of the world will not soon forget, and time will only tell what sort of impact Trump as president will have globally.

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