Gwen Stefani Slams ‘Dumb’ Adam Levine After He Blasts Blake Shelton Amid ‘The Voice’ Feud

Gwen Stefani is standing up for boyfriend Blake Shelton and slamming fellow The Voice coach Adam Levine amid reports there’s a feud brewing on the set of the NBC singing show.

Gwen recently took to social media to defend her boyfriend of over a year, putting Levine on serious blast after he told his almost seven million Twitter followers that he wanted to punch Shelton in the face.

“I wanna punch young @blakeshelton’s face so hard,” Levine tweeted out Stefani’s boyfriend alongside a black and white shot of a young Blake.

Fortunately for Adam and Blake, Levine’s social media tease was all in good humor, but that didn’t stop Gwen from getting in on the joke between the two friends by sending a jokingly scathing message to the Maroon 5 frontman in response.


Stefani quickly got wind of Levine’s tweet aimed at Shelton and opted to send The Voice coach, who alongside Blake is the only coach to appear on all 11 seasons of the show, and then opted to send the singer a diss of her own.

“U r so dumb,” Gwen hit back at Adam on the social media site in defense of Shelton, while Stefani also added an angry face, poop, and monkey emoji.

Luckily, ahead of Stefani’s big return to The Voice alongside Adam and Blake next year, Stefani and Levine’s social media slams were all in good fun, though reports have been claiming for the past several months that the same can’t exactly be said for the atmosphere on the set.

It’s long been rumored that Miley Cyrus, who joined The Voice’s coaching panel for Season 11, has been locked in an allegedly pretty nasty feud with Adam while filming for the NBC singing show, while sources are also claiming that neither Stefani nor Shelton are the “Cannonball” singer’s biggest fans either.

Us Weekly first reported on the alleged on-set feud between the coaches earlier this year, claiming that, while Gwen was absent in the current season, Cyrus and Levine had been butting heads during filming.

“[Adam and Miley] both have short attention spans,” a source told the site of the alleged feud between the two that originated during filming for The Voice’s famous blind audition rounds.

“Adam would get agitated when Miley would interrupt him,” continued the insider of the twosome’s reported feud, “and she enjoyed getting under his skin.”

But while sources are claiming that Miley Cyrus and Adam Levine are, or at least were, locked in a feud on The Voice set, other reports are also alleging that Miley may also have rubbed up both Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton the wrong way too.

After it was revealed last month that Stefani would be returning for Season 12 while Cyrus sits out the next season, Radar Online alleged that Blake and Gwen could potentially have had something to do with the producers’ decision not to bring the former Hannah Montana star back next season.

According to a source who spoke out about Stefani’s The Voice return to the site as the feud rumors continue to circulate, Shelton made no secret of the fact that he wants girlfriend Gwen by his side on Season 12 and allegedly hinted to those behind the scenes that he could potentially quit the series together unless Gwen was brought back.

“Blake made it clear to the producers that he wanted Gwen by his side for the upcoming season,” the site claimed of Shelton’s supposed demands for Stefani to return, citing a source close to production. “It almost seemed like if [Gwen] did not return then neither would he.”

Blake Shelyon & Gwen Stefani
[Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

The Gwen claims came just months after the site initially alleged that Shelton and Stefani were both in talks to return to The Voice for Season 12 after supposedly being left “livid” upon learning that Miley would be joining the show at the start of the year.

The Voice executives already know that Gwen and Blake together are ratings gold because they saw it last season,” an insider revealed at the time of Shelton and Stefani’s plans to return to The Voice as a couple, adding that Gwen and Blake were “in a back and forth bidding war over their contracts.”

What do you think of Gwen Stefani defending Blake Shelton amid their reported The Voice feud?

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