The Roloff’s Return For Another Season Of ‘Little People, Big World’ Adventures

According to People, more changes and challenges will face the Roloff family on Season 12 of Little People, Big World. Last season, fans of Little People, Big World witnessed the painful dissolution of Matt and Amy’s marriage. This season, they will undoubtedly continue to redefine who they are and what they want now that they are no longer a couple.

Although Matt and Amy are now divorced, they have continued to work on various projects together while trying to maintain separate homes and separate lives on the family farm. One issue they haven’t really discussed, at least not in front of Little People, Big World viewers, is how their tenuous, but friendly relationship may change if one of them enters into a romantic relationship. How long they can make this unique situation work is anyone’s guess at this point, especially as they begin to actively pursue their own interests.

While Matt was forced to slow down after having surgery on his neck, Amy continues to explore what it means to be single, which includes jumping back into the dating pool. After the heartbreak she experienced during the separation and divorce, on this season of Little People, Big World, a preview video on the show’s TLC page shows that she begins to let loose and seems to be enjoying life in a whole new way.

“Be adventurous. Take a chance,” Amy says about her new adventures, which includes a date that ends in a kiss.

“This is a different time. I’m having a blast.”

As for Matt, he is still ready to take on several new projects on Little People, Big World as he continues to heal and recuperate. As usual, his ideas and plans are met with a little bit of skepticism, especially when he decides to install up to 70 cameras around the farm so he can see what’s going on at all times. This doesn’t sit well with Amy, who tells him that she doesn’t understand the need for “all this camera stuff.” Matt informs her the cameras are there for “the bad guys” and there are no cameras are around the house.

Besides adding cameras, Matt decides that emergency preparedness is something that needs to be done on the farm, and he wants the entire family to participate. Matt states that he wants to be ready for any disaster including earthquakes, nuclear war, and even the zombie apocalypse. He is serious about prepping, and the Little People, Big World clip shows a large metal storage container being lowered into the ground. As the inside is converted into a shelter for the family, Amy seems to be taking it all in stride.

Meanwhile, Zach and Tori take a special trip to celebrate their first year of marriage. The pair is still in the process of discussing when would be a good time to start a family of their own. While Tori is more than ready; she believes that Zach is dragging his feet.

Jeremy and Audrey have settled into married life, and as they grow and learn from their experiences, they want to share with others just what it is that they’ve discovered. Fans of the young couple can follow along on their adventures by checking out their vlog series that they began last season on

As for daughter Molly, last season she graduated from college and settled in Spokane, Washington. During the previous season of Little People, Big World, she made an occasional appearance on the show and that is unlikely to change. Since she is in a serious relationship, perhaps she will be the next Roloff to become engaged. She has stated in the past that when she is ready to be married, that she will most likely get married at the farm like her older siblings.

Matt and Amy’s youngest child, son Jacob, no longer appears on Little People, Big World and currently resides in California. Despite some negative statements Jacob has made publicly, his family has continued to support him and he seems to have a fairly good relationship with them at this time. During pumpkin season, he and his girlfriend appeared in a photo with most of the family members, and only Molly was absent.

When the family discovers that farm foreman Camerino is being deported, everyone will have to step up and work together in order to fill the void. Jeremy and Audrey would like to eventually make a permanent move to the farm, and the timetable for that plan may have to move up sooner than they expected. The Futon Critic shared that as all the new challenges on the farm change the family dynamics, perhaps with lasting effects, that this may actually be a good thing. This gives the Roloff children and their families a real opportunity to learn exactly what running the farm is all about.

Are you a fan of the show? Leave your thoughts, comments, and opinions below. Little People, Big World premieres on Tuesday, November 22 at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

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