‘This Is Us’ Schedule Shift And Spoilers: When Does Episode 7 Air And What Can Fans Expect From ‘The Best Washing Machine In The Whole World?’

This Is Us spoilers tease that there are major twists and turns on the way as Season 1 continues, but viewers will have to deal with being on hold for a week. Due to the 2016 presidential election taking place on Tuesday, November 8, there is no new This Is Us airing this week. Episode 7 can be seen on NBC on November 15, and fans are definitely buzzing about the previews for this one.

As TV Guide details, the next episode is titled “The Best Washing Machine in the Whole World.” There will be some difficult moments for Jack and Rebecca in this one as This Is Us spoilers indicate that they acknowledge a growing distance in their relationship. While Jack and Rebecca have shared many wonderful moments as a couple during their marriage, they’ve had many rocky moments as well, and viewers are anxious to know if their marriage can survive the troubles they’re navigating.

It has been revealed that in the present-day world, Jack has died, and it sounds as if he’s been gone for a while. Rebecca ends up marrying his best friend, Manuel, but it is not known yet how or when Jack died, or if he was still with Rebecca when he passed. Specific This Is Us spoilers remain under wraps when it comes to these details, but it sounds as if helpful tidbits will emerge soon.

Kate and Toby are making progress in their burgeoning romance, but This Is Us spoilers via the previews have made it appear that there is trouble on the horizon. Kate stops by Toby’s place unannounced, and he is clearly hiding something or someone that he doesn’t want her to see. Toby isn’t cheating on Katie, is he?


Luckily, the synopsis for Episode 7 provides a tease that may well offer up an explanation. It seems that Kate will be struggling over Toby’s eating choices, as he isn’t sticking with their diet plan. Could it be that rather than hiding someone, Toby is hiding something food-related when Kate stops by to surprise him?

Kevin has planted himself at Randall and Beth’s place as he pursues theater work, and this has led to some awkward and difficult moments. Viewers have seen that Kevin struggled a great deal growing up when it came to not getting as much attention as Randall or Kate, and This Is Us spoilers indicate that everybody will get a great deal more insight into the troubled relationship between the two brothers in particular during the next show.


Randall’s biological father, William is also staying with his son and daughter-in-law, and This Is Us spoilers tease that William will share something big with Beth. Does William tell Beth that he had made a deal with Rebecca back when Randall was an infant? Previous scenes have shown that William will be passing away at some point as well, and viewers know that this will bring heartbreaking scenes as Randall deals with losing another father.

William isn’t going anywhere quite yet, though, it seems, as Mandy Moore teased some This Is Us spoilers via TV Guide detailing that there will be a big revelation emerging as the family gathers for the holidays that will shake things up significantly. Is this when it will come out that Rebecca and William had met when Randall was a baby, and everybody kept it hidden from him all of this time?

There had been a great deal of buzz about this show heading into the premiere, as the initial trailer wracked up monster views on YouTube, and Justin Hartley left the role of Adam Newman on The Young and the Restless in order to take this gig. The expectations were so high for this series that some prospective viewers worried that it could be setting people up for a big letdown.


Luckily, NBC has a lot of faith in this series, and fans have been very passionate in their support for the new show. As TVLine noted in September, the network extended its order for the first season after just one show. This Is Us will now have 18 episodes in Season 1, and executive producer Dan Fogelman talked about how they had an 18-chapter story envisioned for this debut season, so all is going according to plan. The ratings have remained quite strong, so while it’s too early to know for certain that NBC will keep the show going next year, it looks like a good bet.

Viewers will surely be bummed over the This Is Us schedule set-up that means there is no new episode airing on Tuesday, November 8 due to the election, but that just means that everybody will be counting down to Episode 7 coming up on NBC on November 15 instead.

What do you think the story is behind Jack’s death, and where will things head next for Rebecca, Kevin, Kate, and Randall?

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