Leah Messer Heavily Criticized After Night Out With Friends: Did The ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Pick Up Drinking?

Leah Messer is making headlines once again for a photo she posted to social media. She joined a few of her girlfriends out at a bar, and when she shared the photo, she was immediately criticized. It has been a long journey for Messer to get to where she is now. Two divorces and three children have changed her life, but they have also made things more complicated. For someone who is as young as Messer, things have turned around more than most people would experience in a lifetime.

Teen Mom 2 has documented Leah Messer and her children for seven years now. Her marriage to Corey Simms and subsequent divorce was caught on camera, and the same thing happened with Jeremy Calvert. Messer is reportedly amicable with both of her exes at this point, but that wasn’t always the case. In fact, Simms and his current wife tried to encourage Messer to get help by going to rehab. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Leah Messer may be partying hard again. The photo she shared at the bar has critics jumping to conclusions already. There was never any admission that she was battling a prescription medication addiction but it was inferred several times throughout the show. As of now, she remains adamant that her rehab stay was for emotional issues, not an addiction.

Rumors have been circulating that Leah Messer may be down and out about Jeremy Calvert and his girlfriend, Brooke Wehr getting more serious. She loved him hard, and when they split, she was still holding on to hope that they would get back together. The real reason behind their split was never publicized, but several critics have assumed it was due to addiction. At one point on Teen Mom 2, Messer was holding her brother’s child and dozed off mid-sentence. The baby wasn’t hurt, but it was a clear wake-up call for those around her to get her some help.

The time Leah Messer spent in Arizona was something she needed. There have never been accusations of her drinking too much, but the concern comes if she is truly an addict. She has denied addiction on several occasions, and she completely avoided the subject when she appeared on The Steve Harvey Show with her co-star, Kailyn Lowry. Messer seems to be more of a lone wolf when it comes to the other girls in the franchise. She is friendly with them but never goes out of her way to chat with them outside of work.

There has been no comment from Leah Messer on these recent allegations, but her fans stood up and started defending her. She was not holding any alcohol in the photo, and there is nothing wrong with her hanging out with friends in an adult setting. Since there has been no actual proof Messer has an addiction issue, the outcry over the bar photo seems to be another witch hunt, according to fans. She has tried hard to pull her life together, and in recent months, Leah has done well. In fact, Messer recently moved into her own home for the first time ever.

Being a single mom of three isn’t easy on Leah Messer, and she admits she has made mistakes. She is currently working on being a better person and mom daily, but she isn’t without fault. Messer has to have some time away from her children in order to keep her sanity. With everything going on with raising three little girls and one having a disability, mom time is a necessity. Leah Messer was out having a good time with friends and shared a photograph, and now she is right back in the headlines.

[Featured Image by Teen Mom 2/Facebook]