Why Would Someone Try To Assassinate Donald Trump? ‘World’s Most Dangerous Man’ Rushed Off Stage By Secret Service During Rally

ABC News is reporting that Secret Service officers rushed Donald Trump off the stage during dramatic scenes at a rally in Nevada.

“Two security agents grabbed Mr. Trump by the shoulders and rushed him backstage.”

The source of the threat is not clear. ABC notes that security officers “pounced” on a man near the front of the crowd, who may have been behaving suspiciously. One witness said that up to a dozen police and Secret Service agents brought the man to the ground. The man was searched, then hauled out of the venue into a side-room and interrogated.

The Sydney Morning Heraldwrites that an unconfirmed report claimed that a person in the audience saw somebody carrying a gun.

“Live streams of the rally showed Mr. Trump stop mid-speech before holding his hand above his eyes to shield the light and looking into the crowd.”

Trump has released a statement thanking the officers for their protection and quick action.

“I would like to thank the United States Secret Service and the law enforcement resources in Reno and the state of Nevada for their fast and professional response. “

Trump also thanked his supporters in Nevada, and America at large. The Republican candidate said that nothing will stop him and his supporters from making America great again.

“I also want to thank the many thousands of people present for their unwavering and unbelievable support. Nothing will stop us —we will make America great again!”

Trump returned to the stage eventually and said that he never thought the race for the presidency was going to be easy. He took the opportunity to bond with his followers, reiterating that they will “never be stopped.”

“Nobody said it was going to be easy for us. But we will never be stopped. Never ever be stopped.”

The crowd remained calm throughout the incident.

Trump also used the opportunity to emphasize that Americans need to stick together and work as a team. The republican candidate, who has received a lot of coverage for his hostility toward unchecked immigration and his desire to bring manufacturing jobs back to America, said that “nobody messes with our people.”

“I want to thank the Secret Service, these guys are fantastic. They don’t get enough credit, they are amazing people. Nobody messes with our people, right?”

Many sections of the media have fanned anti-Trump sentiment, with liberal and left-wing outlets attacking the bombastic republican for his anti-immigrant stance, his perceived sexism and racism, and some of his remarks about foreign policy.

The Nevada rally raised fears that one Trump-hater had been worked into such a frenzy that he breached security and attempted to assassinate the man that Spiegel has dubbed the “most dangerous” in the world.

“Donald Trump Is the World’s Most Dangerous Man. Donald Trump is the leader of a new, hate-filled authoritarian movement. Nothing would be more harmful to the idea of the West and world peace than if he were to be elected president.”

Trump and Hillary Clinton are currently neck and neck in the polls and commentators say that the U.S. election on November 8 could go either way.

Many outlets reported that Hillary Clinton’s chances were hurt when the FBI chose to reopen the investigation of her private email server just last week. Clinton called the decision “deeply troubling” and urged the FBI to put all the information they find “on the table” and clear the matter once and for all.

“FBI Director James Comey stunned observers inside and outside the bureau by notifying Congress just 11 days before the election that he was renewing the dormant probe into Clinton’s private email server.”

Trump climbed in the polls following the announcement. Some people accused FBI director James Comey of making a dangerous and unprofessional decision that will unduly influence the election outcome. Vox claims that there is an anti-Clinton insurgency at the FBI.

“There’s no question disgruntled agents have violated the FBI’s internal rules against secrecy. In less than a week, we’ll also know whether they impacted one of the most climactic elections in American history.”

Others have stated that Comey acted appropriately and provided the American people with information they were entitled to know.

[Featured Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]