‘American Horror Story’ Star Cheyenne Jackson Teases The End Of ‘Roanoke’ — ‘All Will Be Revealed’

In a few weeks, all of the mysteries of American Horror Story: Roanoke will finally be solved.

At least that’s what AHS star Cheyenne Jackson promises fans. The actor recently sat down with Vanity Fair and teased that this season’s biggest secrets will be revealed during the Roanoke finale.

With three installments remaining, Jackson assured fans that the end is worth the wait.

“We are getting such a response. People are really excited, and you definitely have to wait to the end. The wait will be worth it. I’m excited how people will react. Everything will be revealed. I can’t say anything else. I probably shouldn’t say what I have said already.”

Jackson plays the part of the devious television producer, Sidney Aaron, on Roanoke.

In the most recent episode, Sidney was met with a gruesome death by an ax in what was one of this season’s biggest murder sprees. Fans already know that only one character will escape this season alive, and Jackson teased that nobody is safe.


“It’s American Horror Story! No one is safe. You just never know what’s going to happen. You have to be prepared for anything,” Jackson explained.

Jackson reflected on his character’s death and admitted that the amount of deaths came as a surprise.

“It was such a good episode. I couldn’t believe they got away with so much in that episode, and that so many people were killed off,” he said. “I was surprised when I first read the script. I saw the episode last night, too. I want to see what everyone else is going to see. Even though I was there, it’s not the same thing as watching it. I want to watch it when it’s all put together. It’s so cool and scary!”

Jackson stopped short of revealing if Sidney faked his death for the sake of the documentary, but he did caution fans that nothing is as it seems.

“I didn’t think of my character as a bad guy. I don’t think you can think of him as good or bad. You have to question each person on the show, why they do what they do,” he said. “I thought of my character as a person who had goals and would do anything to achieve those goals. He knew what he wanted and nothing was going to stop him. Each character has their own goals.”


American Horror Story: Roanoke has been filled with surprising twists and turns all season.

According to Entertainment Weekly, creator Ryan Murphy took liberties this season because he thought everything was getting a little too formulaic. Murphy explained how the past few seasons have been filled with “over-stylized” sets and episodes that “literally sometimes ran three hours.”

To mix things up, Murphy decided the best course of action was to produce something completely opposite.

“People have written that it’s leaner, meaner, and the episodes are short this season which they are by design,” Murphy shared. “And I think the conciseness of the plotting has helped. But more than that, I just wanted it to be more real. Before on our show, if you died, chances are you would come back the next episode, just because I loved the actors so much. But I feel the stakes of it [this year] are… once you die, ya dead. And I think it’s just scarier. And I think it’s much more real.”

The only question remaining is who makes it out alive this season.

While it’s anyone’s guess who survives the terror filled island, AV Club reports that Lee’s storyline reaches beyond the haunting. Lee (Adina Porter) has become a villain this season but isn’t willing to let the haunted house decide her destiny.


While the rest of the characters are still unaware what is really happening, Lee has shifted the narrative to the modern day issue of filming brutality.

“How many times do I have to tell you this is real?” Lee screams while Monet (Angela Bassett) and Audrey (Sarah Paulson) escape Mott under the house. “Do you believe us now, or do you want to deny what you’ve seen with your own eyes?”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the trio’s escape ended with being captured by the real Polks. Finn Wittrock finally made an appearance this season as a Polk and watched as his family members fed Lee’s leg to Monet and Audrey.

Meanwhile, Matt (Andre Holland) met his end when he told Shelby (Lily Rabe) that only came back to be with Scathach. Shelby killed Matt with a crowbar and then escaped back to the house with Dominic (Cuba Gooding Jr.).


The episode ended with the real Butcher storming the house and killing Agnes with her cleaver.

Fans can watch the rest of American Horror Story: Roanoke unfold when new episodes air Wednesday nights on FX. Check out a preview for the next all-new episode below.

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