Amber Alert: Little Girl Possibly Abducted From Texas Church

An Amber Alert has been issued in Bullard, Texas, for a 10-year-old girl — and authorities fear that she may be in danger. KATC News reports that 10-year-old Kayla Gomez was possibly abducted while playing near a church last night, but the details surrounding this developing case are still not entirely clear. With it being almost an entire day since the Texas child was last seen, what will it take for authorities to find her safely?

Initially, authorities in Cherokee County believed that a red Cadillac SRX may have been involved in the possible kidnapping of the Texas child. However, as of this afternoon, detectives have declared that they are no longer looking for the vehicle. Furthermore, there are no suspects in this disappearance.

The Tyler Paper reports that the FBI is currently assisting in the search for Kayla Gomez. The Amber Alert also remains active, while detectives continue to try to figure out what happened to her. Over the course of nearly 24 hours, a multitude of details and clarifications have come out regarding the disappearance. At this time, it’s now known that 10-year-old Kayla did indeed attend evening church services with her mother the night she disappeared. A family member said that the child lingered behind in the church lobby when they left because she is scared of the dark. However, it was later discovered that the child did not ride home with her family.

It’s a mystery as to what happened to the 10-year-old Texas child. Her loved ones believe that they would have heard her from the church lobby if she had screamed, or if she had made any other noises. They also believe that she would not have wandered out of the church by herself, due to her fear of the dark.

While police agencies and the FBI search for Kayla Gomez, the child’s disappearance is attracting a tidal wave of attention on social media. The #KaylaGomez hashtag is currently producing hundreds of comments on Twitter — along with the hashtag #AmberAlert. Numerous people from all over the country are pulling together via social media to share awareness of this missing child’s case, as the hours continue to pass without her being found.

Kayla Gomez is described by loved ones as a “girly girl,” who loves fashion and other feminine things. She’s a friendly and softhearted child who has no history of wandering away from her loved ones, nor a history of running away from home. She stands at approximately four-feet-tall, and weighs around 90 lbs., with long black hair and brown eyes. Kayla Gomez was last seen wearing a black t-shirt and a peach-colored skirt.

If you know anything about this case, or if you believe you’ve sighted anything that may be of interest to the investigation, please do not hesitate to contact the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office at (903) 683-2271. Currently, authorities are asking the public to help with any information, citing that “no lead is too small,” in the search for the missing Texas child.

Right now, it’s not entirely known why an Amber Alert was issued in the disappearance of Kayla Gomez — other than the initial sighting of the red Cadillac, which has since been cleared in the investigation. In the state of Texas, the criteria for an Amber Alert is specific. The Texas Department of Public Safety outlines that a child must be under the age of 17-years-old, be in immediate danger of sexual assault, bodily injury or death, or be taken unwillingly. There must be some kind of evidence that a child has been unwillingly kidnapped. For instance, adequate description of a vehicle must be available.

[Featured Image by The Center of Missing and Exploited Children/Family of Kayla Gomez]