Video Outlines Donald Trump Relationship With Mob Figures He Denied Knowing

Proof is emerging about Donald Trump’s ties to mob figures that he has denied knowing. Not only do the tapes establish that Trump knew Robert LiButti, a known associate of John Gotti, but LiButti was a regular at Trump’s Atlantic City Casino, and the two did business together involving a racehorse. That connection would be enough to raise eyebrows, but placating LiButti is the reason Donald Trump’s casino was fined $200k for asking black employees and patrons to stay out of LiButti’s sight, as he did not like people of color.

Donald Trump has several connections that have raised eyebrows, including David Duke, the alleged former Klansman, who is running for office in Louisiana, says the Inquisitr. Though Donald Trump has denied to endorse Duke, robo-calls from Duke’s camp include the Trump campaign’s information. David Duke has officially endorsed Donald Trump and has said he would like to stump for him, though Trump declined.

Slate claims that an investigative article by writer Michael Isikoff blew the lid off of the Trump connection to organized crime. Robert LiButti was a casino regular at the Trump establishments, and LiButti’s daughter Edie has confirmed that they had a social and business relationship, as she and her father were guests on the Trump yacht. But going back to 1991, Donald Trump has denied knowing LiButti.

“If he was standing here in front of me, I wouldn’t know what he looked like.”

But recently, when Donald Trump was asked about knowing Robert LiButti, the story had started to change.

“During the years, I very successfully ran the casino business, I knew many high rollers. I assume Mr. LiButti was one of them, but I don’t recognize the name.”


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Video evidence shows LiButti and Trump at a Wrestlemania event in Atlantic City, and then LiButti is seated next to Donald and Ivana Trump as the event began. But as the tape shows, LiButti is not the only mobster who has business or social dealings with Trump. The Trump SoHo Tower was built with a partner, Felix Sater, who had been convicted of felony assault and mob-related racketeering.

Trump Casino’s helicopter services are run by a man named Joseph Weichselbaum, a two-time felon with ties to multi-state drug trafficking. Donald Trump wrote a letter to the judge of Weichselbaum’s behalf.

New York Daily News says that the $200k fine regarding racist behavior was not the only time Robert LiButti caused the Trump casinos to incur substantial fines. Robert LiButti was said to be one of Trump casino’s biggest customers, and one of the biggest losers at Trump Plaza. In 1991, Trump was fined $450k by state casino regulators for giving LiButti nine luxury cars including three Ferraris, three Rolls-Royces, a Mercedes, and two Bentleys. Many of them were immediately resold.

Jack O’Donnell, the former president of Trump Plaza has confirmed that Donald Trump and Robert LiButti did business together over the years. O’Donnell says that the two men went together on Donald Trump’s personal helicopter, and Trump agreed to pay $500k for one of LiButti’s thoroughbreds, which they named “DJ Trump.” When the horse went lame months after, Trump is said to have reneged on the deal.

Mitchel A. Schwefel, a former New Jersey assistant attorney general, has confirmed the $200k fine against the Trump casino for discriminatory business practices. Rather than throwing LiButti out when he demanded no blacks and no women near his table, the casino indulged him.

“Certainly, it would have been so much better if the casino itself had thrown LiButti out at the time that he committed these acts, but they didn’t because he was a very high-roller, obviously.”

Do you believe that Donald Trump has ties to the mafia and mobsters?

[Featured Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]