‘Most Hated Song of All Time’ Is About Peace

It’s only fitting that in an election year that has opponents running off of the extreme dislike for one another that the “most-hated song of all time” would be about peace. According to a New York Post, that is the exact feelings that are brought about when hearing John Lennon’s most popular solo song of his career “Imagine.” Don’t feel too bad for the late Beatle. Plenty of songs that made the list have subjects of peace and love.

As with most lists like this, the idea starts in passing, and then, it goes viral. From there all bets are off, and anything can happen. British music fan Edward Carter and a few of his friends coming off a drunken stupor were sitting down and discussing socially songs they just couldn’t stand.

For the next 72 hours, a steady stream of truthful answers flooded his feed. A page was set up that went into detail just what made people detest the songs on this list. So, what was it that Carter thought made “Imagine” the most hated song of all time?

I think it’s the whole idea of talking about poverty and misery, while John was actually hanging around in his palatial New York townhouse. It’s the duplicity of the whole thing.

As the rage continued, Carter started compiling the list at the time of this writing of 380 songs in all of their glory. He has even went as far as creating a Spotify playlist he appropriately titles Kryptonite Songs. In true human fashion, what was put together as a group of songs people hate has turned out to be a real hit on the music streaming service. Carter seemed somewhat surprised.

You would think people would want to avoid such a playlist, but it is getting a lot of play. Maybe they’re gluttons for punishment.

Despite the hatred posted by critics, “Imagine” was well received upon its release. It appeared on the Recording Association of America list of the 365 Songs of the Century. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame named it one of the 500 Songs That Shaped Rock and Roll. Finally, contrary to this list, the Rolling Stone had it number three on their all-time list of songs ever recorded. However, the song failed to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. It only got as high as three in 1971.

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“Imagine’s” influence reaches far beyond just the radio. According to Biography, the idea behind the lyrics are represented in two places, the John Lennon Airport in Liverpool and the monument that his wife Yoko Ono placed in the Strawberry Fields section of New York’s Central Park.

[Image by AP Photo/Tina Fineberg]

Imagine has had a significance culturally, as well. It has been played at sporting events, weddings, and parties. In November 2015, pianist Davide Martello drove hundreds of miles just to play the song outside of the Bataclan Theater where terrorist attacks took the lives of 89 people.

Other notable songs that made the list include the B-52’s hit “Love Shack,” and most recently, “Rude” by Magic! However, the list didn’t include just one song. The complete works of artists were called into question as well.

“There were some artists that people would tweet and say, ‘Anything by that person.'”

Popular artists on this list included Taylor Swift and Coldplay. The ever-growing list can be found here.

Now, that you have had time to think about it, what is your “most hated song of all time?” Do you agree that John Lennon’s “Imagine” deserves to take the top spot, or do you fall into the category that it is the artist you dislike more?

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