Mariah Carey News: James Packer Wanted A Quick Wedding To The Diva, His People Tore Couple Apart

To some, the split between Mariah Carey and James Packer came as a complete shock, yet others saw the engagement being called off from a mile away. It is clear that Carey and her former billionaire beau were a bit of an odd match seeing as Mariah seeks the spotlight constantly and is sure to show off her luxurious lifestyle while Packer is a bit more humble and stands back in the shadows when he has been by Carey’s side.

The two became engaged back in mid-January of 2016 after a whirlwind romance of only a few months. The romantic getaways and ultra luxurious lifestyle the two shared clearly caused Mariah to swoon, despite the diva having her own wealth, and she quickly accepted the proposal, not to mention the huge $10 million rock that went along with it.

New details have been released by TMZ as to what went wrong between the duo, other than the clear reasons they were perhaps incompatible. An email was recovered that was written by Packer in regards to the finalizing of a prenuptial agreement that would allow him to speedily marry Carey by March 1st of this year. The celebrity news site shares the new information that indicates Packer’s intentions.

“TMZ has seen an email chain from back in mid-February going back and forth, from Mariah’s team to Packer’s. The billionaire was clearly itching to tie the knot with Mariah, upset that his people were not moving fast enough to nail down the prenup so he could marry her on March 1st in Bora Bora.”

At the time the emails were sent, there were rumors that the couple was to be married quickly and TMZ reports that at this time Mariah already had her dress picked and flowers selected for the big day. It’s clear in the words written by James Packer that he was quite frustrated that lawyers were hesitant to finalize the prenup that could allow him to marry Carey in March. Details in the prenup included a condition that if Mariah were given jewelry by the billionaire, she would have to return it if they broke up unless he indicated it was a gift. Mariah is keeping the engagement ring, as Entertainment Tonight shares, so that is reportedly a bit of bling and wealth Packer was willing to part with. Additionally, the prenup stated that if they split, Mariah stood to walk away with $50 million. Which the diva is apparently asking for now, as Inquisitr recently reported.

TMZ shares the frustrated words of James Packer as they were written in the emails from February when his lawyers stated they could not get the prenup ready by March 1.

“I don’t know who’s working for who because there are a lot of names I haven’t heard before on this email chain. The people who work for me — message — do as I say or f*** off. I want to get married on March 1st. James.”

What is also interesting is that Mariah wasn’t legally able to marry Packer on March 1st anyways seeing as she was still legally married to Nick Cannon because Cannon had yet to sign the divorce papers. Carey and Packer were obviously aware of this, but as the publication notes, they intended to simply call the nuptials a “commitment ceremony” and pass off their status as being husband and wife.

The prenup clearly was never signed, and now there are claims that Mariah sees this as the beginning to when Packer’s people began trying to tear she and the billionaire apart. Rumors did begin flying once the two seemed to halt the planning of their nuptials, yet in mid-year reasons were given that revolved around Mariah’s busy schedule. Clearly, there was more to the stall in the preparations by the diva.

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