Todd Chrisley’s Brother Arrested For Shoplifting From A Dollar General Store

Todd Chrisley seems to be able to stay out of the headlines for negative news, but for his family, that is another story. Now, the news is out that Todd’s brother, Randy Chrisley, was arrested for shoplifting at a Dollar General. Radar Online shared the news that Todd’s brother was arrested for shoplifting $22 worth of candy from a South Carolina Dollar General on October 30.

The City of Westminster incident report obtained by Radar shared some of the details about what happened with Randy Chrisley. On October 30, at around 5:30 p.m., he was caught with $22 of candy in his pants allegedly trying to steal it. Maybe Randy just needed candy to hand out on Halloween, but this wasn’t the best way to go about getting it, and nobody wants that candy after it has been in his pants. The store even confirmed they would not be trying to sell it.

The manager explained saying that Randy Chrisley’s “blue pants were bulging with items. His legs appeared so large as to be disproportionate with the size of his body. I also could hear a crunching sound like plastic being rustled coming from his pants. At this time, I observed the suspect remove a medium sized bag of candy from inside his pants and place it into the buggy.”

Todd Chrisley’s brother tried to tell officers that he simply put the candy in his pants because he was unable to carry it, but he had a buggy so this doesn’t really line up. Todd’s brother was arrested for having”concealed items about his person, with the intent to permanently deprive the owner of the full retail value.”

The officer explained that Randy Chrisley didn’t just have this one bag of candy in his pants, though. There was a lot more to the story. Here is what the officer revealed in his report.

“He said that he had more bags of candy in his pants as well. Chrisley advised me that the other candy was in a pair of ‘jogging pants’, which were under his wind pants. Mr. Chrisley’s jogging pants were taped to his legs, preventing the candy from coming out.”

They were nice enough to not tow Randy’s car and let someone come pick it up. He also called and made arrangements for someone to pick up his 11-year-old son for him. Randy Chrisley was then arrested and taken to jail. The officer said that Randy Chrisley told him he didn’t know why he took the items and that he did have money to pay for them. The Dollar General wants the $22 from Chrisley for the candy that they had to throw away and were unable to sell.

This isn’t the first time Todd’s brother, Randy Chrisley, has been in the headlines, though. Starcasm shared a few months ago that Randy’s ex has also been in the news for threatening the family. Pamela Chrisley was trying to blackmail the Chrisley family for money in exchange for not selling “family secrets” to the media. Faye shared, saying, “During this tumultuous period of time, Pam began to call and text me with threatening messages. She demanded that I deposit monies into her account or according to her, ‘she was going to destroy my family’. She also sent me numerous text messages threatening to ‘bash my brains’ if she caught me in town.” It looks like Pam and Randy Chrisley aren’t together anymore, though.

Are you shocked to hear that Todd Chrisley’s brother was arrested for shoplifting? Do you think that Todd will ever get in trouble like his family members? Sound off in the comments section below and don’t miss new episodes of Chrisley Knows Best on Tuesday nights on USA with Todd and his family.

[Featured Image By Jason Kempin/Getty Images]