Gilmore Girls: Jess Or Logan Will Be Decided, And Fans Are Clamoring To Know

As November approaches, the internet is buzzing about what the top picks for Black Friday will be, but the biggest shopping day of the year will have to compete with the return of Gilmore Girls. Jess or Logan seems to be one of the main things most fans are waiting on the edge of their seat to see. Loyal fans watched Rory (Alexis Bledel) for seven seasons battle relationships, and ultimately, things were left undone.

Now just a few short weeks away, many are hoping that there will finally be some closure to just who she ends up with. Is it going to be Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) the brooding type who despite his best efforts couldn’t help but want to be better for her? If that doesn’t sound plausible, do you prefer Logan (Matt Czuchry), the jet-setting rich boy who was his best when she was around.

Yahoo TV pitted the two would-be beaus against one another in a winner-take-all format. The all important categories included the traits romantic, literary, adventurous, funny, committed, encouraging, supporting, dramatic, intimacy, and the all important mom-approved.

Jess struggled to find his place not just in Stars Hollow but anywhere. He didn’t fit the picturesque New England setting. He was the consummate bad boy, and despite all of the help of his Uncle Luke (Scott Patterson), he rebelled. Yet, through all of this, Rory managed to have some place in her heart for him.

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According to Yahoo TV, Jess manages to win on the grounds of Literacy. His bad boy image occasionally showed a crack as it pertained to literature. His scrawling notes on the edges of books seems to be the draw. He also manages the win in the category of funny. Although, it could be pointed out that many times his humor came at the expense of others.

Logan was a hot shot who had a lot given to him in his life. He wasn’t aware of the “other side of the tracks,” and that showed his arrogance from time-to-time. That didn’t stop Yahoo from giving him an edge in a few major categories. How could a rooftop surprise dinner not win him the romantic category? He also took adventurous, committed, supportive, and intimate.

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Both had their share of issues on the show, particularly when it came to their families. Jess was always pulling away and doing the opposite of what was asked of him. However, Logan had parents who were not receptive of Rory whether it be the way they felt of her talent as a writer or her family heritage. Jess and Logan also shared the encouragement category.

The interesting dynamic of Gilmore Girls has always been the relationship between mother and daughter. Their bond was always more of a close friendship a lot of times than it was as a parent to child. In the end, Yahoo determined that the most important category was, in fact, the mom-approved. If this was the deciding factor, it is easy to see how Logan won the day.

From the beginning, Lorelai (Lauren Graham) never approved of Jess. She tried to give him chances, but he failed. It should also be said that like any mother, she wants the best for her daughter, and the consensus was that Lorelai would feel Logan could give this to Rory.

For you Jess fans, hold out hope. Marie Claire has your back. Ultimately, they feel the Rory and Jess are soulmates, and that a good portion of A Year in the Life will show this.

So, here we are on the precipice of an event the world has waited the better part of nine years to find out. Where do you stand in Gilmore Girls? Jess or Logan?

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