Brad Pitt Wants Jennifer Aniston, Who ‘Always Will Love Him,’ Riling Justin Theroux?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce drama has overflowed onto Jennifer Aniston. Even though Aniston currently is married to Justin Theroux, Brad is rumored to be interested in her once more and wants her back in his life. One new report even claims that Aniston will “always” feel love for Pitt, with another alleging that the drama has resulted in trouble for her marriage to Justin.

Jennifer and Brad both moved on after their divorce, but they “never completely moved on from on another,” revealed an insider cited by Yahoo. Consequently, the 52-year-old actor allegedly is doing all that he can to woo Aniston back into his life, according to the source.

“Brad and Jen both moved on with their lives, but…he’s always been the one who got away for Jen.”

Claiming that Jennifer “always has and always will love him,” the insider also revealed that Pitt and Aniston reunited when he contacted her after her mother passed away. Now, following Brad’s split from Angelina, he has been reportedly contemplating “what he threw away” when he divorced Jennifer, according to the source. Pitt allegedly wants “to make amends” to Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston has become tangled in Brangelina's drama.
Jennifer Aniston has become tangled in Brangelina's drama. [Image by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images for Variety]

“Jen waited years to hear him say those words,” said the insider.

“In the back of [Jennifer’s] mind, it’s always been a case of ‘never say never’ when it comes to being with Brad again.”

However, amid all the rumors swirling about the possibility of a reunion between Aniston and Pitt, Jennifer’s best friend is stepping forward to offer her own views on how the Friends actress feels about Brangelina’s drama.

Chelsea Handler insists that Jennifer “doesn’t care” about her ex-hubby’s divorce, reported In Touch.

“It’s so stupid and pathetic,” stated Chelsea. “As if Jen cares — she doesn’t care.”

Aniston’s pal proclaimed it “ridiculous” that Jennifer continued to be tangled into Brad’s relationship issues “as if she is sitting around even caring about this.”

Aniston and Theroux recently celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary, but is their marriage already endangered by Brangelina’s drama? Radar Online told readers that Justin is “getting sick of Aniston’s ongoing fascination with her ex.”

Is Justin Theroux's relationship with Jennifer Aniston threatened by Brangelina's divorce drama?
Is Justin Theroux's relationship with Jennifer Aniston threatened by Brangelina's divorce drama? [Image by Mark Davis/Getty Images]

A highly publicized dinner exemplified their problems, according to the media outlet’s insider, with Theroux “visibly upset” because he did not want to pose for the “cheesy photo-op.” However, Jennifer allegedly “insisted” that he join her in participating in the photo opportunity.

The source also claimed that Aniston has used her former relationship with Pitt to humiliate her ex, calling it “classic behavior” and describing how the actress allegedly planned for the publicity.

“The moment this divorce news was announced it was all about calculating her next public appearance and timing it in a way that would embarrass Brad and Angie.”

However, Theroux reportedly is not a fan of his role in this situation, according to the insider.

“Justin hates this, being dragged around like a pawn in her PR game, basically,” added the source. “It’s a huge source of tension between them.”

But reports of marriage problems between Jennifer and Theroux are not true, according to Gossip Cop.

Referring to Radar’s headline that proclaimed “Another A-List Split? Jen & Justin At War Over Brangelina,” Gossip Cop challenged the story that questioned whether Pitt’s divorce might leave Aniston single, with Theroux allegedly unhappy about her feelings toward Brad.

Jennifer and Justin are not suffering from any stress in their marriage caused by Brad’s divorce drama, according to the media outlet, and the two “have no intention of divorcing.”

However, when it comes to taking sides, Jennifer is on Team Brad, according to In Touch.

“She is firmly on his side,” an insider told In Touch. “She can’t help but stick up for him.”

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