Clinton Scandal May Fall Into Partisan Arms Of Podesta’s Friend At DOJ

The so-called Clinton Scandal may be falling into the partisan arms of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta’s friend at the Department of Justice, and the recent email sent to Congress by that friend, an assistant attorney at the DOJ, may be adding fuel to the explosive election-year fire.

Podesta’s friend at the DOJ is Peter J. Kadzik, and he is named as being the assistant attorney general for Legislative Affairs over on the DOJ website. An eyebrow-raising tweet on the matter of Peter Kadzik, Podesta’s friend at the DOJ who “kept” Podesta “out of jail,” can be found over on Twitter.

John Podesta is the 2016 campaign chairman for Hillary Clinton. The fact that he has a friend at the Department of Justice troubles voters watching the Clinton scandal unfold. And, according to numerous media reports and social media reactions, there may be a conflict of interest if the DOJ friend is overseeing the Clinton criminal investigation being conducted.

Per WikiLeaks, the son of Podesta’s friend writes this.

“I would be very grateful for any support or guidance you may be able to provide in my quest to work on Hilary’s campaign. Again, I hope all is well and I look forward to hearing back from you.”

“It’s rigged,” according to the recent post by Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit online.

Kadzik, Podesta’s friend at DOJ, has written that the department “will continue to work closely with the FBI and together, dedicate all necessary resources and take appropriate steps as expeditiously as possible” in the investigation of about 650,000 emails found on Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner’s shared computer.

Folks on Twitter seem to fear the same thing about the situation on the Clinton scandal, the DOJ, and the fact of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman’s friendship with Kadzik.

Reactions in Brazil to clinton scandal
A demonstrator holds a poster of U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, depicted behind bars in a "wanted" sign in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Oct. 29, 2016. [Image by Andre Penner/AP Images]

Reporting by Tyler Durden details the Clinton investigation just re-opened and the Podesta link being discussed by voters in the post over at Zerohedge. Durden also describes the letter from Podesta’s friend Kadzik sent to Congress.

The drama in this election year has been stunning to many, of course.

FBI Investigation: Director James Comey
FILE - In this Oct. 28, 2013 file photo, President Barack Obama and FBI Director James Comey. [Image by Charles Dharapak, File/AP Images]

The recent WikiLeaks revelations about Podesta’s friend at the DOJ are huge. But prior to this news, at least one man had strong opinions about the decision of the FBI director James Comey. It seemed like a political decision to some that FBI director Comey backed off of the Clinton scandal this summer.

Per the post by Andrew Napolitano, over at Masslive, “Ever since FBI Director James Comey announced on July 5 he was recommending that the Department of Justice not seek charges against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as a result of her failure to safeguard state secrets during her time in office, many in Congress have had a nagging feeling that this was a political, not a legal, decision.”

Napolitano had more insights in his op-ed.

“The publicly known evidence of Clinton’s recklessness and willful failure to safeguard secrets was overwhelming. The evidence of her lying under oath about whether she returned all her work-related emails that she had taken from the State Department was profound and incontrovertible.”

It seems Team Clinton, the FBI, the DOJ and Podesta’s friend at DOJ all will be getting a brighter light shined upon them just before the big November election. Stay tuned to this developing story.

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