Amy Schumer Told To Lose Weight Or ‘Hurt People’s Eyes,’ Unlikely Friendship With LeBron James

Amy Schumer is by all accounts exceptionally funny, and her fame can be chiefly attributed to her comedy sketches, stand-up comedy acts, and her impressive interviewing skills on Inside Amy Schumer, her sketch comedy show telecast on Comedy Central.

Amy Schumer’s work as a comedian has won her much admiration from her fans, who have never expected the actress to conform to traditional benchmarks of female attractiveness, and the comedian/actress always oozes confidence when performing her show. Schumer has faced various struggles during her life, and there was a point in time when her once-wealthy family couldn’t even afford to celebrate her birthday due to the bankruptcy of her father’s furniture business. According to the Daily Mail, Amy Schumer spoke about the hardships she faced before becoming famous.

“I got very rich, famous, and humble [over the past few years]. I was a rich kid and then at 12 all of a sudden we were barely eating a goat around the fire.”

Fortunately, the family’s financial misfortune didn’t kill Schumer’s spirit, and she went on to achieve great success on her own merit. Moreover, Amy Schumer has managed to overcome all the issues that stifled her confidence. The Trainwreck actress is a feminist;, and she is very confident and positive about both her personality and her body. In her recently released book titled The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, Schumer urges her readers to embrace both their unique personality, as well as their body image.

Although she’s been perceived as cherubic, Amy Schumer has never been self-conscious about her body shape, and she’s always striven to break the stereotype. Despite her efforts to be a positive woman, the actress admits to being self-conscious on at least one occasion when preparing for her role in Trainwreck, her 2015 romantic comedy film.

As a celebrity who’s worked in show business for more than a decade, Amy Schumer is aware of the expectations fans have regarding a celebrity’s physical attractiveness. However, she faced the same unfair treatment meted out to other female celebrities when she was asked to lose weight for her role in Trainwreck. According to People magazine, the actress appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show and spoke about the weight-loss transformation she was required to undergo for her debut in Hollywood movies.

“The only change was that it was explained to me before I did that movie [Trainwreck] that if you weigh over 140 pounds as a woman in Hollywood, if you’re on the screen it will hurt people’s eyes.”

Apparently, this was the first time in Amy Schumer’s life that she embarked on a strict nutritional plan to get in shape for her on-screen movie character, and the actress admitted that her strict diet consisted mostly of healthy smoothies. Trainwreck became famous not only for Amy Schumer’s brilliant performance, but it also gained popularity for its racy scenes. Trainwreck was also a unique movie in as much as it featured prominent sports personalities, including WWE Champion John Cena along with LeBron James and other famous basketball players with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It appears that Amy Schumer has excellent script writing abilities, and these were put to good use. She managed to write a beautiful script about her character’s romance with a sports doctor even though she is not a sports fanatic. In fact, while working on the script, the actress revealed that LeBron was the only basketball player she knew. The basketball player’s performance was brilliant, and it could be rightly said that LeBron’s comedy helped Amy Schumer succeed in this venture. According to CBS Sports, Amy Schumer and LeBron James have become good friends, and the basketball star recently allowed Schumer to use his locker before her show at Quicken Loans Arena.

[Featured Image by Charles Sykes/AP Images]