Kendall Jenner Mental Illness: Is ‘KUWTK’ Super Model Suffering From Sleep Paralysis?

A Kendall Jenner mental illness will be the center of attention on the next episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians slated to air on Sunday. In a trailer making waves online, the reality star can be heard opening up to her mother, Kris Jenner, about a health condition which keeps her awake at night.

“Next Sunday on #KUWTK: Kendall suffers from sleep paralysis, which threatens her work and travel life.”

The shocking revelation comes as a surprise given that the mother hints at the possibility that the 20-year-old model could be suffering from sleep paralysis. Despite feeling conscious and awake, the medical condition can make someone feel unable to move for anywhere between a few seconds to even minutes, according to Web MD.

“I wake up in the middle of the night and I can’t move,” Kendall was heard telling the cameras in the KUWTK trailer.

This is not the first time that a Kendall Jenner mental illness has sent shockwaves among loyal fans. According to toofab, the brunette beauty queen had to seek medical attention after being diagnosed with exhaustion last year.

“I just got so tired of work and life and everything that it freaked me out at the end of this year,” she confessed. “I actually had to go to the hospital because I was so exhausted — it was definitely a wake-up call that I need to take better care of myself.”

Unlike exhaustion that Kendall had to contend with, sleeping paralysis could be a new low given that it could affect her way of life. There is no known treatment for the medical condition, although antidepressants can be used as an alternative treatment to aid in sleeping.

If indeed the young model is struggling with sleeping paralysis, then her jet-set lifestyle could take a hit, according to Entertainment Daily, as she may have to forego some lifestyles just to stay clear of sleeping complications.

Adding to the Kendall Jenner mental illness woes is the fact that early last month in a KUWTK teaser she lashed at her family for not taking her health issues seriously.

“I’m done arguing with people because I don’t feel fine. I promise one day when I’m rushed to the hospital, then you guys are going to wake up.”

The same could point to other underlying medical conditions unknown to the public that she continues to grapple with in the background.

While the Kendall Jenner mental illness is expected to be a big concern for the Kardashians’, this will not be the first time that the family has had to grapple with such crisis. Rob Kardashian has struggled for years with weight-related problems.

Last year, Inquisitr claimed that Rob’s medical conditions went beyond diabetes, having gained more than 100 pounds. The same reportedly led to kidney and pancreas complications. With the health problems threatening to get out of hand, Rob was hospitalized. A move that reportedly saved his life as he had started experiencing breathing issues.

While Jenner has been open and cool about her health problems, the same cannot be said about Rob. At one point last year, he refused to get involved in his family’s reality show. A move that Kim Kardashian explained was because he did not feel comfortable in his own skin.

Jenner, who acknowledged last year that the exhaustion medical condition was a wake-up call to take care of her health, may now have to come to the rescue of her brother who refuses to take up the lead in fighting the nagging weight problem.

The Kendall Jenner mental illness is not in any way expected to affect the reality star’s busy schedule. She has proven in the past to have the strength to fight any health condition that tries to pull her down.

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