Is Cards Against Humanity As ‘Horrible’ As It Seems? Clinton Cards Selling Faster Than Trump Cards

Cards Against Humanity is widely touted as one of the most popular card games today because it encourages creativity by its players. Released in 2011, the multiplayer card game comes with two sets of cards: black cards and white cards. Each black card contains a question or a sentence with blanks, and each white card includes a word or a phrase. Every player is allotted several white cards from which they must choose a suitable phrase they believe would go well with the question posed on a particular black card.

Apart from raising questions, the black card may also have an incomplete sentence with blanks that must be filled by words mentioned on the white cards distributed among players. For example, the phrase “a bucket of fish heads” printed on a white card may go well with the phrase “Instead of coal, Santa now gives bad children ___” printed on a black card.

Once all players have turned in their responses, the winner of the previous round or, alternatively, the next person in turn to be the dealer decides the best combination in the present round. Ideally, the winning combination is expected to be not only clever but hilarious too. The newly elected winner then judges the next round, or the person sitting clockwise from the current dealer becomes the next dealer. The game comes to an end when one of the players is declared the winner after scoring the most points.

Cards Against Humanity may be perceived as a casual game that enables players to aimlessly pass their time, but critics of Cards Against Humanity are quick to point out that this game gives players unlimited freedom to transgress the bounds of decency with combinations that may appear awful, gross, or even racist at times. According to the New York Times, randomly generated combinations of black and white cards may create outrageous and offensive sentences, especially when one considers the many tragic incidents that are occurring around the world.

Critics have also stated that tagline “A party game for horrible people” clearly suggests the game allows players to bring their negative thoughts to the table by coming up with obnoxious combinations.

Despite its many critics, Cards Against Humanity is a widely-enjoyed card game, and several players have suggested that the tagline is being misinterpreted by critics. One of the most convincing arguments cited for Cards Against Humanity is that the game encourages players to understand each other’s thoughts, tendencies, prejudices, and attitudes. Additionally, the game exposes nuances in every player’s unique personality, in addition to highlighting players who not only possess a dry sense of humor but also hold sarcastic opinions about a certain topic.

For instance, one player may not be sensitive about a certain issue while others players may not perceive the same topic to be so funny. Cards Against Humanity is different from other games because it exposes the human nature of every player.

Now, the creators of Cards Against Humanity have formed a Nuisance Committee: a super Political Action Committee (PAC) aiming to raise funds for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. To achieve their goal, the game’s creators have launched a special edition of the card game based on the theme of U.S. political elections. Customers interested in buying the special edition have the choice of either purchasing a Hillary Clinton-based card pack or Donald Trump-based card pack. Each card pack comprises 15 cards, and according to the Chicago Tribune, the “Vote for Hillary” cards are currently selling quicker than the Trump-based cards.

The A.V. Club reports that the Cards Against Humanity funded Nuisance Committee is highlighting Donald Trump’s tax avoidance by erecting billboards and launching websites that indirectly point to Trump’s tax evasion. In fact, they’re asking questions in a way that’s reminiscent of the card game.

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