‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Ryan Edwards Kicked Out Over Heavy Drug Use? Were His Parents Funding His Habit?

Ryan Edwards can’t shake rumors of drug use. The Teen Mom OG star was recently kicked out of his parents’ house and now faces reports of drug use. Were his parents funding his habit?

Morning Ledger reports that Ryan’s father, Larry Edwards, slammed his son for being a “blood sucking leech” in a recent episode of Teen Mom OG. Larry also told producers that he is “done with him forever” and never wants to see his son again. Larry finished his rant by warning his wife, Jen, not to help Ryan behind his back. Jen and Larry have supported their son for a long time and have always hoped that he would get his act together.

Larry and Jen Edwards [Image by MTV]

Beyond fathering a son with Maci Bookout, Ryan has yet to live up to their expectations. Even Bookout has criticized Ryan for not being a good father as he continues to miss out on their son Bentley’s school activities. Considering how Ryan continues to ditch Bentley and his epic fight with Larry, Blasting News reports that many fans believe he is a heavy drug user.

The drug use speculation kicked into high gear after Ryan’s eyes looked dilated in several scenes. Fans were quick to wonder if Ryan was on drugs and whether or not Bentley could be trusted with him.

To make matters worse, Ryan has been constantly skipping his son’s sporting events. With Ryan making little to no effort to bond with his son, many suspect that drugs are the reason for his awful parenting decisions.

In the most recent episode of Teen Mom OG, Bookout suggested that Ryan might have a chemical imbalance that prevents him from being a good parent. After all, Ryan is currently unemployed and should have plenty of time for Bentley, yet he continues to miss important events in his son’s life.

Fortunately, Bentley’s step-father, Taylor McKinney, has stepped up to the plate. Not only is McKinney coaching Bentley’s baseball team, but he’s also become a great role model for the 7-year-old. At least someone is a father to the poor kid.


Meanwhile, things are getting so bad that Hall of Fame Magazine reports that Ryan is headed for rehab.

Ryan’s physical appearance is one dead giveaway that he’s on drugs. Apart from dilated pupils, fans noticed that Ryan has been very pale lately and is starting to act erratic around producers. With his life quickly spiraling out of control, it’s rumored that it is only a matter of time before Ryan finds himself in rehab.

For his part, Ryan continues to deny that anything is wrong and blames his shortcomings as a father on the feral cats lurking on his property. In fact, Ryan shared a few photos of himself posing with the guns he uses to kill the feral cats, which caused quite a stir among animal rights groups. The reality star has since changed his stance on the cats and claims that he was only joking about shooting them.

Even still, Ryan clearly has a lot of issues to work through, especially if he continues to fall deeper into the alleged drug pit. Fans can only hope that Ryan gets the help he needs before things get even worse. Going to rehab would certainly help Ryan turn his life around, but it also might help him repair his relationships with his parents and son.

That being said, Enstarz reports that Ryan’s parents may have been funding his drug addiction. It seems strange that, after all these years, Larry would kick Ryan out after a silly argument about tools. Indeed, many fans wondered if Larry really kicked Ryan out because of his drug abuse and if his comments reflected how Ryan was using their money to fund his habit. Perhaps Larry’s reference to Ryan as a “blood-sucking leech” was a veiled reference to his son’s drug issues.

Fans thought Ryan looked "high" on a recent episode of 'Teen Mom OG.' [Image by MTV]

According to Blasting News, a recent episode of Teen Mom OG sparked even more talk about Ryan’s drug problems. Fans watched as Bookout and McKinney finally tied the knot, and Ryan was there to watch it all unfold. While the ceremony wasn’t televised, photos from the ceremony reveal that Ryan showed up looking disheveled. Despite Ryan’s straggly look, his parents were also on hand for the event and reportedly had a blast on the dance floor.

More and more evidence seems to be piling up against Ryan, who has not addressed the rumors of a drug problem. Only time will tell if Ryan was using drugs while production of Teen Mom OG was underway. Whatever the truth, Ryan has a long way to go before he gets out of his current rut and needs to turn things around before he permanently damages things.

Fans can watch the drama between Ryan and his parents continue to unfold when new episodes of Teen Mom OG air Monday nights on MTV.

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