Kim Kardashian Robbery Updates: Kourtney Blames Herself For What Happened To Kim

The Kim Kardashian robbery incident is far from being old news since every week something new pops up to remind everyone about the ordeal that the most popular reality series star went through on October 2.

The latest update to emerge from that incident is that sister, Kourtney, blames herself for the whole incident.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Kourtney is feeling guilty for Kim Kardashian’s robbery incident.

For those who are still unaware, five assailants stole $10 million worth of jewelry from Kim while she was resting at her apartment in Paris.

Kim and her whole family were in France on October 2 for the Paris Fashion Week, and she was staying at the Hôtel de Pourtalès, a fancy townhouse located in the eighth arrondissement of Paris.

According to authorities, the thieves knew about Kim’s valuables because the reality star regularly posted photos of her jewelry online.

Before the Kardashian robbery, the reality star posted several selfies featuring her jewelry, which prompted the thieves to plan a heist immediately.

Johanna Primevert, Paris Police Department’s chief spokesperson, told reporters that Kim Kardashian’s constant updating on social media of her valuables and her whereabouts tipped off the thieves.

At 2:30 a.m. local time, the assailants entered the hotel dressed as police officers and they immediately took the concierge hostage.

They pointed a gun at the concierge and forced the person to lead them to Kim Kardashian’s room.

Kim often has security to protect her from potential stalkers, but that evening she was alone. As soon as they entered Kim’s apartment, they quickly tied her up with duct tape and forced her to show where her jewelry was stored.

After relieving her of her valuables Kim’s assailants placed her in the bathtub and left her there. Kim struggled to free herself, and when she was able to wriggle her wrists free, she took off the duct tape that covered her mouth and shouted for help.

Fortunately, the assailants didn’t harm her, but it was evident that Kim was traumatized by the event and it’s possible that it will take her a long time to recover.

It seems that her sister, Kourtney, might also need some time to heal seeing as how she blames herself for the whole ordeal.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Kourtney blames herself for Kim’s robbery because the security guard who was supposed to be keeping an eye out for Kim was actually with her and Kendall at a nightclub.

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Kourtney has been blaming herself ever since Kim was robbed because to her mind if her security guard was with Kim at the time none of that would have happened, and her younger sister wouldn’t be traumatized.

Although there’s no saying that Kim’s robbery would have been prevented if her security guard was there at the time; things could have even escalated if her bodyguard was there and the whole incident might have turned into a bloody assault.

Kim and the rest of her family have returned to the United States, and Kourtney has been hanging out at her house helping her out with the chores and taking care of her kids probably just so she could let the guilt that she’s feeling subside.

Despite Kim Kardashian’s robbery incident, the reality star has regained some normalcy in her life. Recently, the social media queen went back to Twitter to reignite a feud between her and Taylor Swift.

She also appeared at her husband’s concert in Los Angeles earlier this week and to top it off she’s back on the set of her reality series KUWTK. So despite the terrible nightmare that occurred in Paris it seems that the Kardashians are back on their feet and ready to bury Kim’s robbery incident in the past.

Kim and Kourtney are seen shopping in Paris.
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