Chris Brown Warming Up To Rihanna After Drake Break Up? He Still ‘Loves’ Her

Chris Brown and Rihanna might have broken up a long time ago, but it doesn’t look like Brown is ready to move on yet.

The Hollywood Life has reported that Chris Brown is of the opinion that Rihanna’s relationship with Drake isn’t going to last very long. The sources go on to say that for Rihanna, Chris Brown is the reason that many of her relationships haven’t worked out in the past. This includes Matt Kemp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Travis Scott, and most recently, Drake.

“Now Chris could say the same thing about Ri and it to be true. She ain’t married and he doesn’t think her relationship with Drake will last. Chris isn’t the reason why Drake, Travis [Scott], Matt [Kemp], Leo [DiCaprio] and the others haven’t worked out,” the source told exclusively.

The sources have stated that Chris believes he is still on her mind. “And at the end of the day, Chris knows he’s still on Ri’s mind. And he still loves her dearly. Chris doesn’t believe for a second that romance and intimate relationship with Rihanna is over for good. It’s just a matter of time.”

Of course, Rihanna does realize that her ex-boyfriends aren’t exactly happy after they broke up with her. She even posted an Instagram message mentioning the same. Rihanna may not be entirely wrong given that Chris Brown definitely wants her back.

It looks like Chris Brown has always been of the belief that he and Rihanna are going to be together, no matter what. In fact, when the news of Drake and Rihanna came out, Brown was of the belief that the two weren’t really serious about each other. Although the rumors of their wedding and kids were already doing the rounds, Chris Brown is not really convinced.

The Hollywood Life went on to state that Chris Brown is not really going to take it if Rihanna and Drake decide to marry each other.

“If Rihanna’s about to sit up here and marry the biggest player in rap, then Chris is about to marry his baby’s mother and Karrueche’s [Tran] going to be one of the bridesmaids,” a source close to Brown told exclusively.

The source has even stated that Chris would be really hurt if the two got married.

“Yeah, right. Chris ain’t buying that for a minute. He doesn’t believe for a second that his soulmate would tie the knot with her long-term side piece. Chris loves Rihanna and he’d be deeply hurt and go out of his mind if she even considered being off the market in this way. Drake’s just a pinch hitter until Chris is mentally and emotionally ready to step up to the plate and whisk Rihanna off her feet.”

Although the news is that Drake and Rihanna have split, it looks like the two are not really willing to let it go. Chris Brown tried to pick up a fight with Drake by calling him a “boring mama’s boy.” This is not the first time Drake and Chris Brown have fought with each other. The two are known to have a feud that goes back to 2012.

Drake had called out Chris Brown back then, which caused the issue.

“His insecurities are the fact that I make better music than him, that I’m more popping than him and that at one point in life the woman that he loves fell into my lap.”

Do you think Drake was being a little harsh on Chris?

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