Trump Supporter Hangs Two Black Dummies From Tree: Brown ‘Hip Hop’ Men Lynched In Effigy As Halloween Decorations [Graphic Photos]

The sight of two seemingly black dummies hanging in effigy in front of a home in Florida has caused a bunch of buzz online. As seen in the following photo from the Miami Times, the two dummies caused controversy for a number of reasons. One of those reasons includes the fact that a Trump/Pence sign can be seen in the photo — and the fact that the dummies lynched in effigy have ropes around their make-shift necks, with faces that appear brown due to what looks like sackcloth. Combined with the supposed “hip hop” clothing worn by the men — jeans and sport hoodies — the photos of the men hanging from the Trump supporter’s yard are being circulated swiftly around social media.


The Miami New Times notes that while the lynched dummies are being explained away by one of the homeowners as a simple Halloween decoration, others are relating the dummies hanging in effigy to a hateful act reminiscent of the lawless way that lynch mobs used to mete out what they deemed was justice.

The controversial dummies were photographed hanging in Three Lakes, within the suburb of Kendall. According to Zillow, homes within the surrounding area are priced approximately $250,000 to $500,000 and up.

The “Trump/Pence 2016” sign seemed to add fuel to the lynching decor controversy online.

Warning: Graphic lynching photos below.

Trump Supporter Hangs Two Black Dummies: Brown 'Hip Hop' Men Lynched In Effigy As Halloween Decorations [Graphic Photos]

The fact that real lynchings had occurred in the past — such as in the top photo taken in Florida on July 19, 1935 — make some people realize that lynchings as Halloween decorations aren’t very funny. That photo from Fort Lauderdale shows Rubin Stacy, 32, hanging from a tree as neighbors visited the dead and hanging body.

According to the Associated Press description of the photo, and as noted by the Miami Herald, Stacy was a man who was dragged from the custody of the sheriff’s deputies and lynched by a mob of masked men. Rubin allegedly attacked a white woman.

[Image by AP Images]

Other real lynchings captured in photos include that of Clyde L. Johnson, who was lynched in Yreka, California on August 4, 1935.

As reported by Silicon Valley’s Metro, Johnson’s body was lynched and left hanging from the tree limb shown above after a mob also dragged him from jail.

Clyde was suspected of killing Chief of Police F.R. Daw of Dunsmuir.

Another graphic lynching is shown below, in a photo that became a source of contention when it hung on the Senate chamber’s walls.

lynching real
[Image by AP Images]

It is for these reasons that the Halloween decorations of lynched men are causing such a furor among people sharing the photo of the homes within the Three Lakes Property Owners Association. It is an association that has confirmed the authenticity of the photo.

According to updates from the Miami New Times, one person who hung the dummies would not give his name, but claimed he hung the dummies just to make it scary for Halloween — not to create a racist lynching scenario.

While folks decorate their yards with all sorts of scary Halloween decorations, such as men appearing to be buried in the dirt, there’s something about the real-life connection to past lynchings that creates special controversy.

Some of the comments being made across the internet about the dummies hanging in effigy can be read below.

“What’s false and ridiculous about the headline! Are there not 2 dummies hanging from a tree? Knowing the history of lynching in this country I’m surprised that anyone could this insensitive.”

“What’s up with the hip hop clothing and black dummies? Explain that please, they could of used a white dummy with a suit or even hip hop clothing but no.”

[Featured Image by Branden Camp/Getty Images]