WWE News: Becky Lynch Answers Criticism Of Her Irish Accent By Top WWE Producer

On a recent edition of the Filthy Filthy Filthy Four Daily podcast with Wrestling Observer writer Bryan Alvarez and UFC star Tom Lawlor, the two were discussing the return of Becky Lynch on WWE SmackDown Live. The two men were discussing the return of Becky Lynch to television, and that is when Alvarez dropped a bombshell.

According to Alvarez, WWE producer Kevin Dunn hates the Irish accent of Becky Lynch and doesn’t want to hear it on television anymore. As a result, Alvarez plans to take away most of the Becky Lynch promo time on SmackDown Live. If this happens, don’t expect her to continue to run for long with the SmackDown Live women’s championship.

There are also rumors that the reason that Becky Lynch was never given a title run before the WWE brand split was because the WWE always planned to give Sasha Banks and Charlotte the preference. From the latest rumors, one has to wonder if the reason for the preference was because Sasha and Charlotte don’t have a foreign accent.

Becky Lynch has heard the rumors and responded to it on her Twitter account. Whether she did it as frustration because the Kevin Dunn WWE rumors are real or whether she is just playing along, she let everyone know what she was saying.

“For those who didn’t understand my accent what I said was, Smackdown. Alexa. Glasgow. Face. Slapped. Off. Her.”


If these WWE rumors are true, then Becky Lynch might not get a fair shake based on her talent level. When they came up from NXT, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch were three of the Four Horsewomen of NXT along with Bayley. Becky Lynch always put on great matches but could never break out to the top until the WWE brand split and her move to SmackDown Live.

With the de-pushing of Bayley on WWE Monday Night Raw and the alleged prejudice against the Irish accent of Becky Lynch, only two of the four promising women remain held in high regards it seems. Of course, there is a chance the Kevin Dunn dislike of Lynch’s accent might not matter because these women were priorities for Stephanie McMahon and Triple H.


If anyone is looking for possible proof that Becky Lynch is not going to get much promo time on WWE television, look at SmackDown Live this past Tuesday. Becky Lynch was in the ring with Renee Young and was about to do an interview when Alexa Bliss interrupted the interview almost immediately, cutting off any chance Becky Lynch had to speak.

Alexa Bliss then dominated the promo time. While Alexa Bliss is a great promo as a heel, the fact that Becky Lynch got little chance to respond speaks volumes. Once again, Alexa Bliss speaks with an American accent, which Kevin Dunn might prefer.


Kevin Dunn is in charge of the television production for WWE Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live. He has always seemed to prefer the Vince Russo-styled entertainment aspects and comedy in the WWE product and that has caused many people to hate the way he produces the WWE television shows.

There have also been WWE rumors that Kevin Dunn and Triple H butt heads all the time backstage. It is interesting that many of the NXT stars that Triple H has developed were buried upon entrance to the main roster including Tyler Breeze, Adam Rose, and most recently Bayley. If Kevin Dunn tries to bury Becky Lynch, expect more clashes in the future.

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