Miley Cyrus Giving Liam Hemsworth Mixed Signals?

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s relationship has gone through ups and downs and now that they are back together for good, it seems like the two are going to be together for a while or at least the fans hope so.

Recently, Miley Cyrus made a comment about her engagement ring that was seemingly rude. Miley said she’s not exactly a huge fan of the ring that Liam Hemsworth gave her. On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Miley opened up about her tastes in jewelry, The Huffington Post has reported.

“This is really weird because this is like real jewelry and most of my jewelry is made out of gummy bears and cotton candy and they don’t look that good together because, they kind of mix up,” she said.

She goes on to say that she does replace her diamond ring with something that’s more to her taste.

“So sometimes I replace it with an actual unicorn or a Looney Tunes [character],” Miley said.

It’s quite something to replace wedding ring with a cartoon character!

She went on to say that she wears the ring because she loves Liam.

“I am like, ‘This isn’t really my aesthetic, but I’ll wear it because you love me,'” Miley said.

Do you think Miley Cyrus was being rude by saying this? Is she giving Liam Hemsworth mixed signals?

A lot had been said about the ring. E! News went on to say that the couple had worked to design a ring like that.

“The ring is special because Miley and Liam worked on it together,” the sources had said.

“Miley specifically wanted it set in gold. She didn’t want platinum. She liked the gold because it was different and unique, like her. She didn’t want anything classic or generic.”

Then, one would wonder why Miley Cyrus would be lying about the fact that she worked on it together.

There was some talk earlier that Miley Cyrus wasn’t really addressing Liam Hemsworth as her fiancé on the set of The Voice. It was being said that she still introduces Liam as her boyfriend.

“She told the crew his name without any label but Mark Burnett and Carson Daly got the fiancé treatment. Occasionally she has said boyfriend and corrected herself or not corrected herself.”

It’s been said that she calls him different names at different times.

“He is something else every day she introduces him. But it’s not something that is done deliberately, it’s just something in the moment.”

Do you think Miley Cyrus might not want to commit to Liam?

There has been a lot of talk about Miley Cyrus’ sexuality and that it might be getting in the way of their relationship. Miley identifies as being pansexual. Do you think Liam Hemsworth would be okay with that description?

She has also talked about how when she was young, she was often put in boxes and she didn’t like it. She says she it took her a long time to come to terms with her sexuality. She goes on to say that she doesn’t even like the word “bisexual.” Miley goes as far as to say that she doesn’t even identify as a boy or a girl. Miley says that the only thing that kept her going was that she knew her parents were going to understand her one day. It’s true that Miley has become a role model for people who identify as pansexual.

Do you think Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s relationship is going to last? Do you think they would eventually get married? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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