Kim Kardashian Drastic Weight Loss Post-Robbery Attack: Details On ‘KUWTK’ Star’s First Public Outing

Kim Kardashian has lost a shocking amount of weight, an insider has stressed, quoting an eyewitness that spotted the reality star at the Beverly Glen Deli this past week.

Kim, who has gradually started to making public outings again, as mentioned by Complex, was said to have entered the restaurant with her close friend Jonathan Cheban. Hollywood Life adds that Kim Kardashian didn’t seem in the mood to talk to anybody, and oddly enough, that wasn’t the most shocking part about it.

According to the eyewitness, upon first glance, nobody recognized Kim at the deli because she looked so different from her usual glamorous appearance. This time around, Kardashian opted to wear minimal make-up, with her hair tied back, sporting an outfit that was far from the usual designer clothes she’s known to wear.

Because her hair was pulled back, Hollywood Life quotes the eyewitness saying that the weight loss is very notable on Kardashian’s face. There’s no denying that Kim Kardashian has lost a shocking amount of weight just by looking at her, giving off the idea that the reality star has not been eating properly since the Paris robbery attack.

“We didn’t recognize her because she was so skinny, she was here for two minutes and we actually realized who she was when the pictures were taken as she was leaving,” the outlet quotes the witness saying. “Her hair was up, she was very subdued, didn’t really want to make a scene or talk.”

“She was quiet the whole time, her friend did the talking and ordering,” the insider added, stressing that Kim Kardashian was certainly not in the mood to take photos with fans, nor was she in the mindset of even talking to anyone other than her pal, Jonathan Cheban.

As previously revealed, Kim has been pushing herself to get out of the house, having spent the entire month in hiding out in Bel-Air, where she and Kanye currently reside. Her home has been protected with a handful of guards, but even that hasn’t helped Kardashian overcome her fears of being attacked again.

Kardashian has experienced endless sleepless nights and has found herself rather paranoid when she’s by herself, it has been alleged. The 36-year-old is also said to struggle with the idea of sleeping alone. She prefers having a friend over, which has tremendously helped her fall asleep much quicker.

Kim Kardashian told family and friends that she was glad she hadn’t taken her two children with her on the brief trip to Paris, reportedly sobbing every time she thinks about what the outcome might have been had Saint and North been in the apartment with her.

Sources at the time of the robbery ordeal made it known that Kim begged the group of men not to kill her, screaming she has two kids and that the robbers could take any of her personal belongings that they wanted.

As for the family’s reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, production remains in hiatus mode until Kim gives the approval that she’s ready to make her return in front of the cameras again.

But considering the fact that the reality star has barely posted anything on her social media pages, it’s evidently clear that Kardashian is trying to take one step at a time.

[Featured Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]