Microsoft Surface Pre-Orders Start At Noon, Priced At $499

Microsoft Surface pre-orders start at 12:00 pm EDT on October 16, marking the first time Microsoft has personally entered the tablet market.

The highly anticipated device is sitting behind a huge marketing campaign geared towards the Apple iPad’s consumer based market. The first Surface to reach market is the 32GB model running Windows RT. The device ships at a starting cost of $499, putting it in direct competition with the iPad line.

It should be noted that $499 is the price for the 16GB (not 32GB) starting lineup for the iPad devices.

Buyers can also pre-order a version of the device with a black Touch Cover accessory for $599.99, also with 32GB.

Finally, Microsoft is also providing the option to upgrade from 32GB to 64GB at a cost of $699.

If you want a more robust operating system, the company plans to launch a high end Microsoft Surface tablet in early 2013, and that device will feature a full copy of Windows 8.

Analysts are predicting that Microsoft could walk away with millions of devices sold before the end of the year thanks to the holiday shopping season. According to a previous report issued in August, some analysts expected Microsoft to start off with three million Surface tablets manufactured. The Microsoft Surface for the most part has been well received by reviewers. The devices sleek design and included keyboard should be big selling points for users looking towards the tablet market but who want more from their device.

Will you be pre-ordering your very own Surface tablet today, or will you wait for early consumer reviews to make your decision?