ISIS Incinerates Nine Of Its Own Members In Burning Oil

In a desperate effort to convince its fighters to remain at their posts and continue fighting the allied forces arrayed against them outside besieged Mosul, ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) incinerated nine of its own members this week by throwing them into a trench filled with burning oil.

Iraqi News reported this week that Iraq’s Al Sumaria news network stated Tuesday that ISIS had executed nine of its members by burning. They had been sentenced to death for fleeing their positions in the battles in central Mosul.

“ISIS terrorist gangs executed nine of its members for fleeing the battle against the security forces in Mosul, by throwing them in trenches containing a burning oil, after tying their hands and legs.”

According to Al Sumaria, “ISIS has used the burning oil trenches to try and impede the visibility of the Iraqi Air Force and international coalition air force.”

Rudaw reported back in mid-October that ISIS had taken to digging and filling trenches with crude oil all around Mosul, then setting the oil ablaze. Hamid Afandi, commander of the Peshmerga forces on the Bashiq front, said that this was a new tactic for ISIS.

It is also the first line of defense in the battle for Mosul. Islamic State fighters have also, according to The Sun, placed numerous IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) around the outskirts of the city. As a distraction, the extremists have also launched a number of attacks and suicide bombings all over Iraq.

According to CNN, the battle to liberate Mosul began on October 17. Plans to retake the Iraqi city have been in the works since just after the turn of the year.

Kurdish Peshmerga, Iraqi Army, allied coalition forces, and various militias are pushing to retake Mosul from ISIS. [Image by Carl Court/Getty Images]

Iraqi News noted that “ISIS is using the most heinous methods to murder its rebellious members to discourage them from fleeing battles against the Iraqi government’s security forces.”

According to news reports out of Mosul since it was taken over by ISIS forces in June, 2014, ISIS had always had a heavy hand with regard to occupying Iraq’s second largest city. But in recent months, as coalition and Kurdish Peshmerga forces moved closer and closer to the city, the Inquisitr has reported that they seem to have stepped up the gruesome variations with which they have carried out executions.

As ISIS fights to retain control over Mosul, it attempts to maintain control through fear via its heinous public executions. [Image by Prazis/Shutterstock]

ISIS executed 58 people by forcible drowning last week after being made aware of a rebellion within their ranks. Earlier this month, six youths were killed for collaborating with a resistance faction, their deaths carried out with welding tools. On the last day of August, nine youths were killed by the extremists — also for taking part in a resistance faction — by having their bodies sawed in half with a chainsaw. Just a week earlier, six people were executed for collaborating with the enemy by dipping them into vats of burning tar. And in May, 25 citizens of Mosul, convicted of being spies, were put to death by being lowered into a pool of nitric acid.

Many of the executions included burning captives and prisoners alive. History shows that the mere act of fleeing, whether it be as a soldier from battle or a civilian from ISIS’ draconian rule, has meant death to those that would flee.

Atrocities were not conducted in Mosul alone. Back in August, a mass grave was uncovered in Anbar province, revealing the bodies of 200 former ISIS fighters. Witnesses said that the men, all found guilty of fleeing their positions in battle, were bound and placed inside of vehicles, where they slowly succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning.

In July, a family of three, including a 2-year-old girl, was executed when they attempted to leave an ISIS-controlled town in the Kirkuk area. All three were burned alive.

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