ISIS Executes 6 By Boiling Them In Tar In Horrific Public Demonstration To Incite Fear

ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) has found yet another horrific manner in which to carry out executions, this time dipping six condemned people into boiling vats of tar, according to a report out of the besieged city of Mosul, Iraq. As the coalition forces’ military noose tightens around the city, the Islamic State shows no sign of loosening the restrictions imposed by its extremist brand of Islamic law and draconian jurisprudence. And so the religio-political state adds another atrocity to the many already committed during the so-called caliphate’s two-year reign of terror in Syria and Iraq, atrocities which, once the war has ended, will undoubtedly see many members of ISIS found guilty of war crimes and facing execution themselves.

Iraqi News reported last week that a group of six people from Mosul, Iraq, were killed in a public execution after being found guilty of collaborating with the enemy by a Sharia court. The court issued a death sentence for the six and chose to forego the usual beheadings for the group, according to a source in Nineveh province (where Mosul is located). Instead, the court chose to boil them alive in vats of heated tar.

“The six persons were placed inside tanks containing boiling tar and the execution was carried out in one of ISIS headquarters at al-Shora. The execution took place in public and it was done with an aim of inciting fear among the citizens.”

By now, such fear tactics might be viewed as unnecessary and superfluous, given that the citizens of Mosul and those under the ISIS’ rule inside the caliphate undoubtedly have been very aware for some time of the heinous actions of Islamic State extremists with regard to the abrogation of the tenets of their particular version of Sharia law, not to mention their reactions to any contest to their authority, military and civil. The killing of citizens for spying or collaborating with the enemy has become commonplace, as has the executions of people simply trying to flee the embattled city.

And then there are the executions ISIS performs on its own militants who have retreated under enemy fire or simply left their designated posts. Just last week, the Inquisitr reported that 200 ISIS fighters were discovered dead in a mass grave in Anbar province, witnesses reporting that they had been bound and gassed to death inside of idling vehicles.

ISIS has used a similar method of execution in Mosul in the past. Back in May, the Inquisitr reported that the extremists killed 25 citizens of the city, all accused and convicted of being spies, by lowering them into a pool of nitric acid until they dissolved. Just as with the vats of boiling tar, those being lowered were very much still alive when they first entered the containers.

Peshmerga forces of the Kurdistan Region, an autonomous state in northern Iraq, are pressing into Mosul from the north as Iraqi army forces and various militia factions push primarily from the south in the battle for the city. The Iraqi forces launched their offensive in March, with air and strategic support from the United States.

Last week, the government in Baghdad called for the Peshmerga to halt their advance on Mosul, stating they feared the Kurds would later claim the territory, according to UPI. The autonomous Kurdistan government rebuffed Baghdad, but this week issued a reassuring statement that it would honor the prior agreements concerning Mosul made with the Iraqi government and the US-backed coalition.

President Barack Obama has stated he is confident that ISIS will be driven from Mosul by the end of the year. The Iraqi city, at one time the second largest city in the war-torn country, fell to Islamic State forces in June 2014. An estimated population of 2 million has been reduced to roughly half that, Al Jazeera reported at the end of July. To make matters worse, the Red Cross has predicted that the coming battle for Mosul would displace another million people in Nineveh province.

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