Vicki Gunvalson Is Hoping For New ‘RHOC’ Co-Stars: Would She Fire The Whole Cast?

Vicki Gunvalson came back to The Real Housewives of Orange County this season in hopes that her co-stars would forgive her for the cancer scandal that unfolded last season. Vicki had no friends when the show ended, and she really wanted to change things for herself. While Tamra Judge was willing to give her a second chance, many of the housewives were questioning how honest and trustworthy she really was as a friend and they kept their distance from her. While most of them could forgive her for her actions, none of them wanted Vicki as a close friend. Surprisingly, Gunvalson managed to dig herself a deeper grave on this season of the show.

According to a new tweet, Vicki Gunvalson is now revealing that she wants a new cast as she doesn’t want to film with her co-stars anymore. Even though the Brooks Ayers cancer scandal took a back seat to the drama that unfolded in Ireland, Gunvalson was surprisingly still in the middle of the drama.

“You don’t need Tamra or Shannon….they are toxic people! Hopefully you’ll have better castmates on season 12 #RHOC,” one person wrote to Vicki Gunvalson, who agreed with a new cast, writing back, “I hope so!”

On this season of the show, Vicki Gunvalson managed to get herself into trouble, as Tamra Judge learned that Vicki had gossiped to Kelly Dodd about her co-stars. Even though Tamra had forgiven Vicki, she learned that Gunvalson had dished about Tamra’s marriage, including saying that her husband Eddie was gay and that he may be cheating on Judge. There has been no evidence of her accusations and Judge flipped out. Vicki Gunvalson kept denying that she had said those things, but rather than upset about being lied about, she seemed more upset about getting caught in the act.


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While Gunvalson is hoping for a new cast next season, some people would love to see Vicki gone from the show. Even though she’s the longest-standing housewife in the franchise and calls The Real Housewives of Orange County her show, one has to wonder what the show would be like without her. And some fans are eager to see the OG of the OC gone.

“No one cares that u r the OG. Do u see that? The OC will be so much better w/OUT the OG,” another person pointed out, sharing that it gets tiring watching the same trouble with Vicki Gunvalson every season of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Even though Gunvalson has been under scrutiny this season, some people are coming to her defense, saying that no one is really perfect. While Vicki has made mistakes, some viewers are eager to forgive her so they can keep watching her on the show.

“Everyone not just Vicki Gunvalson & the other girls, me included, has told rumors about someone that they’ve heard. We aren’t perfect #RHOC,” one of Gunvalson’s followers wrote, to which Vicki replied, “Right on.”

“Yes but the difference is they are saying this on a tv show where everybody can see & judge!! #RHOC,” one person wrote back to Vicki Gunvalson, while another added, “well Vicki is the OG so the cameras to her are second nature and what is “reality” TV if you have to be censored.”

Even though some people are willing to forgive, others will never forgive or forget that Vicki Gunvalson defended Brooks Ayers, who was caught lying about his medical records. Even after she learned of his lies, she was skeptical about standing a strong stance against him, which rubbed people the wrong way.

“You know what I was talking about. She was INVOLVED with a cancer scam #nextyourself,” one follower pointed out.

What do you think of Vicki Gunvalson wanting a brand new cast for the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Orange County?

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