Priyanka Chopra Downs Tequila On ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ Talks About Her Journey From A Simple Girl In India To A Hollywood Star

Priyanka Chopra is such a charmer! During her recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she downed a tequila shot at the behest of host Ellen DeGeneres. As expected, the show turned out to be amazing.

Priyanka was on the show to promote the second season of her hit series, Quantico. Priyanka, who plays a tough government agent on her drama, showed she was tough in real life too.

Ellen and Priyanka started chatting and the incident of Chopra downing a tequila shot at an award function came up.

Ellen asked Priyanka to play the game of “Drinko.” In the game, Priyanka had to drop a coin through a small maze box and drink from the glass it fell into.

Before even playing the game, Priyanka was sure it would fall in the tequila glass, and precisely, it happened.

After the drink, Priyanka said, “Thank you for that, this will be a really smooth interview.”

DeGeneres replied quirkily that she would make this a tradition. Priyanka should down tequila shots whenever she comes across anyone associated with The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Priyanka Chopra even elaborated that she loves drinking, and her favorite drink was red wine.

On the show, Chopra talked about her journey over the years. She had won the Miss India when she was 17-years-old and Miss World at the age of 18.

Priyanka also spoke about her college life and how awkward it had become after she won the pageants. She admitted that she wanted to become an aeronautical engineer. She revealed that teachers would not say anything to her and how her classmates were in admiration of a Miss World seating next to them.

Priyanka Chopra even admitted on the show that she did not know about the FBI and CIA before she started working on Quantico.

As reported by News18, Priyanka said, “I mean we have our own acronyms in India, which is CBI, but the only thing I knew about the FBI, CIA is what I watched on TV, which is like ‘Homeland, and all the shows that we love.”

Ellen also pointed out that a beautiful and talented actress like Priyanka would have so many options to pick from, as everybody wanted to work with her. Priyanka replied she enjoyed working as an FBI agent on Quantico.

She further added, “I did not know how to announce myself, but it gives you such a sense of power when you break down a door and go, ‘FBI, FBI!’ in that voice. It’s really like, you feel really powerful. I enjoy that part the most, in Quantico.”

Tomorrow, Vince Vaughn and @PriyankaChopra are on the show. Guess which one of us is wearing a wig.

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Chopra was looking chic in her Zimmermann Resort 2017 white lace shirt dress. She completed her look with a blue suede pointed heels. Priyanka wore her hair up in a messy ponytail and sported red lipstick.

She was on the show with Hacksaw Ridge star Vince Vaughn, who made quite an entry wearing an odd wig.

Priyanka became the first Bollywood star to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Chopra has been regularly seen on the talk shows promoting Quantico.

She has earlier appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. On Fallon’s show, she had sportingly defeated him in bobbing and an eating competition involving chicken wings.

Priyanka Chopra has made her mark in Hollywood with a stunning performance in her show Quantico. She plays an FBI agent, Alex Parrish. She will also make her big-screen debut in Baywatch opposite Dwayne Johnson.

Priyanka has done numerous movies in Indian and has worked with the top actors, directors, and filmmakers in the industry.

Her last Indian movie, Bajirao Mastani, was a mega blockbuster. With her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres show, Priyanka has added another feather to her cap.

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