Rapper ‘Bow Wow’ Poorly Received By His Home State After Return For Cleveland Cavaliers Opener

The 2016 NBA season has officially begun, and not without a bit of celebrity controversy. With the Cleveland Cavaliers being the most popular team in the league right now, people traveled from all across the country to make sure they were at the Q Arena for the first official game of the season against the New York Knicks. Among the celebrities in attendance, one of them was rap artist and actor Bow Wow.

Born in Columbus, Ohio, in 1987, Shad Moss (Bow Wow) took advantage of the gangsta rap craze of the early 1990s and quickly developed a relationship with Snoop Dogg. This allowed Moss to achieve his dream in the rap business and begin a successful career, winning BET, Billboard Music, and Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards. Eventually, this propelled him to pursue other endeavors, such as acting. After some television appearances on The Steve Harvey Show and Moesha, along with a supporting role and cameo in Carmen: A Hip Hopera and All About the Benjamins, respectively, Moss landed lead roles in Like Mike, Johnson Family Vacation, and Roll Bounce. After a number of other movie roles, he became the host of BET’s 106 & Park television show.

Typically, when a hometown boy who achieved this much fame returns back to the state he was born in, he would receive a warm welcome. However, for Bow Wow, he received a nearly-unanimous stiff-arm. Shockingly, people across social media outlets showed their disdain for Moss representing Ohio during his return to watch the Cavs game. The comments were swarmed with a negative reception on a picture posted on Instagram of him giving a shout out to Kyrie Irving.

Many people showed their dismissal of Bow Wow throughout the comment section of this picture.

“Ohio don’t want you here. No love for you – Signed EVERYBODY”

“Kyrie look like he don’t want to be in that picture”

“U ain’t got to wait till the game over to head to la”

Interestingly, Ohio did not want anything to do with Moss. On Facebook, not only was the feeling mutual, but it was much more passionate. The state was quick to eject him, per the slew of comments.

“You’re back? Well then…let’s get to workin on puttin Ohio talent out there shall we?”

“Now you “back in Ohio” nah bruh you good where you been at we don’t want you.”

“As a resident of Ohio I decree Shad moss will not receive a pardon from his abandonment of his original home disloyalty and all around sucka behavior. Therefore as punishment for this treason he shall be expedited and banned immediately!!!”

Bow Wow has yet to comment on the distaste from his native state, but based on the significant number of comments, there is no doubt that he is fully aware of the disapproval from Ohio citizens. Along with the scrutiny of people believing he is simply popping up in Ohio when it benefits him, shining the light on his celebrity status, another reason is due to him moving away from the state at a young age and not looking back. Moreover, commenters on social media stated that he makes it known throughout his music that he represents Atlanta, GA, his current home, but not Ohio, his native home. However, since the Cavaliers are at the top of the NBA heap, he is an Ohioan again.

This was truly a stunning and shocking reception from the Ohio citizens to Bow Wow. If anything, it goes to show how tight-knit the state is, and how anyone who wants to dismiss the state, as they become popular, will indeed be dismissed themselves. As an Ohioan, I can indeed understand the passion that comes with this great state.

[Featured Image By Peter Kramer/AP Images]