Creepy Killer Clown Purge Coming Before Halloween? That's The Threat After Months Of Sightings [Video]

Patricia Ramirez

Creepy and possibly even killer clowns have been seen across America for months, and now with Halloween fast approaching, there is a threat of an impending killer clown purge that is reportedly set to take place before the end of the month holiday. The first threats of a creepy killer clown purge appeared on social media a couple of weeks ago, and neither authorities nor private citizens are taking that horrific thought of mass-murdering clowns hitting the streets on or around October 30 lightly.

As the Inquisitr first reported in August, the creepy clown sightings that have spread across the nation got their start at a single apartment complex in South Carolina. At first, adults thought that reports of creepy clowns lurking in the woods and attempting to lure children with promises of candy and/or money were nothing more than the product of kids' overactive imaginations. However, as the sightings got more frequent and parents themselves started hearing and seeing creepy clowns, the management of the Fleetwood Manor apartments in Greenville sent out letters to residents warning them to keep a close eye on their little ones.

According to the social media threat, the creepy clown purge is going to target cities across the nation, cities that include Greenville, home of the Fleetwood Manor apartment complex where the clown sightings began in August. Law enforcement has made the public aware of the threat, and the media has shared the tale of a planned purge involving creepy, killer clowns, too. Despite the outcry, some people are taking the possibility of the creepy clowns turning deadly with a grain of salt.

"I think everything is going to be fine. It's mainly talk. I don't believe anything is going to happen."

"There is no credible threat. As we do each year there will be adding extra patrolling to ensure the safety of the public during Halloween. We ask that everyone be vigilant and if you notice unusual behavior contact 911 so that officers may respond to investigate. While the officers respond be a good witness and obtain as much information about the individual or vehicle."
"It's scary that something like that could be that close to home."

HNGN is reporting that the creepy killer clown purge threat is being taken seriously all over the country, and even that it has been reported to the FBI and Homeland Security. Reportedly, the original threat of a pre-Halloween clown purge resulting in mass late-October murders began with a single Facebook post that went viral.

What do you think? Is the creepy clown purge threat the real deal? Are this year's creepy clown sightings changing the way you celebrate Halloween? Do you think that the U.S. will see violence and/or bloodshed as a result of the threatened creepy killer clown purge allegedly planned for October 30?

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