Scarlett Johansson Is Single Again, Reportedly Bitter Over Failed Marriage [Rumor]

Scarlett Johansson has reportedly split from Nate Naylor, her boyfriend of ten months. The split was allegedly a nasty one, and ScarJo is also said to be quietly reeling from ex-husband Ryan Reynolds’ recent marriage to Blake Lively.

Johansson has reportedly dumped the 38-year-old advertising executive, having dated him since January following her split from 52-year-old actor Sean Penn.

”They never officially lived together, but Nate has moved all of his stuff out and back into his apartment. The relationship is over. It has not been amicable,” a source told MailOnline via MSN.

Several reports have suggested that Johansson has been spotted flirting with several men including her ex-boyfriend Jared Leto and a close friend of Lindsay Lohan’s most recently. On Wednesday, the Hitchcock and Avengers star was at The Electric Room in New York City, socializing with Lohan’s friend, artist Domingo Zapata. An eyewitness said: ”Scarlett looked like she was completely flirting with Domingo.”

Johansson was spotted last month cuddling and holding hands with 40-year-old Jared Leto during a political rally in North Carolina. She insisted at the time that the two were simply good friends and that she had not broken up with Naylor.

She is also allegedly “incredibly bitter” about her ex-husband Ryan Reynolds’ marriage to Blake Lively. Though their divorce was finalized in 2011, Johansson is reportedly convinced that Reynolds cheated on Johansson with his Green Lantern co-star while the two were still married.

Given the fact that Scarlett Johansson rarely speaks about her personal life to the media, telling The Independent in 2008 that “It’s nice to have everybody not know your business,” and her personal stance on monogamy (she has said as far back as 2006 that she doesn’t believe monogamy is natural), it’s hard to picture her as an emotionally damaged victim of heartbreak instead of what she’s more likely to be: A young actress who is having fun playing the field.

Still, you judge for yourself. Are you a fan of Scarlett Johansson?