WWE Rumors: Ken Anderson Blames John Cena For His Release From Company

The drama that goes on backstage in pro wrestling is sometimes more entertaining than what takes place in front of the audience. Ken Anderson, who has been doing interviews as of late to promote his new wrestling school, revealed something new. Anderson blames John Cena for playing a part in his release from WWE, as reported by 411 Mania.

Ken Anderson has been known by many names. In WWE, he was called Mr. Kennedy, which apparently was a nod to Vince McMahon because that is his middle name. In TNA, he had to choose a new moniker, which ended up being Mr. Anderson.

When Ken Anderson was released by WWE, rumors spread that it was because Randy Orton was upset with him for a botched spot that took place during a match. Orton reportedly went to Vince McMahon to complain, which led to Anderson being released from his contract with the company.

In the years since his departure from WWE, Ken Anderson has not been shy about mentioning Randy Orton when it comes to his release. Performers are more willing to speak out about things when they feel that they are not going to get a second chance with World Wrestling Entertainment.

WWE fans were willing to buy into the rumors about Randy Orton because there had been so many other alleged instances backstage that took place. The former world heavyweight champion has a reputation of being someone that has a short temper with performers who come close to hurting him in the ring.

During the interview, Ken Anderson revealed that he and Randy Orton were very close at one point in time. He talked about the two of them having dinners with one another and their former wives. Anderson even revealed that their former wives are still friends to this day.

WWE star Randy Orton
Randy Orton [Image by WWE]

The latest revelation from Ken Anderson is that John Cena played a part in his release from WWE. Anderson insinuated that Cena convinced Randy Orton to go to Vince McMahon. With Orton and Cena being two of the top stars in World Wrestling Entertainment, they would have the ears of McMahon.

There have been a handful of former WWE performers that have been critical of John Cena backstage. The former world heavyweight champion is not known as being a major player in backstage politics. That is actually the criticism that Cena faces. People feel that he does not use his power enough.

Shad Gaspard is one of the more vocal critics of John Cena. Gaspard feels that Cena was not vocal enough with management in pushing Cryme Tyme as a top act. Gaspard and JTG were one of the more popular acts in WWE, but their alliance with Cena was very short lived, which Shad blamed on Cena.

WWE CEO Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon [Image by WWE]

The fans that hate John Cena regardless of what he does, they’re going to use this newfound piece of information from Ken Anderson as another strike against Cena. They are wholeheartedly going to believe that what Anderson is saying is the absolute truth.

Overall, though, this should not affect John Cena too much. WWE is still going to promote him as one of the top stars in the company. Cena is also still going to receive offers from Hollywood because of his name value. Ken Anderson, on the other hand, will simply only be known to pro wrestling fans.

Having been a protege of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ken Anderson has a good understanding of how the business side of wrestling works. There is a very good chance that he made these comments to promote his new wrestling school and upcoming appearances on the independent circuit.

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