Update On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Couple Carly Waddell And Evan Bass: Could A Baby Be On The Way?

Fan favorite couple, Carly Waddell and Evan Bass, met on Bachelor in Paradise this summer. Evan was instantly attracted to Carly, while it took Waddell a little bit longer to see the potential for love with Bass. The couple now jokes around that it took Evan faking his own death to get Carly to fall in love with him.

Things have been going well for the couple since the finale of Bachelor in Paradise wrapped up and continue to only get better. Carly has settled into Evan’s life with his three sons perfectly. Waddell and Bass’s quirky personalities appear to be a perfect fit and fans just love seeing updates from Carly and Evan on social media. A few of their latest tweets have fans talking though, could Carly and Evan be expecting a baby already?

Carly recently took to her Twitter to share a message addressed to fiance Evan. Waddell tweeted, “@ebassclinics you gave me your cold, and that’s not very nice.” Bass tweeted a reply saying, “You’re sure that’s a cold I gave you and not the morning kinda sickness?”

Of course this has fans talking if this could be a real possibly or just another joke between the two. Fans know Carly and Evan do like to joke around a lot! If it were true, how adorable would it be to see a mini Carly and Evan?

As much fun as it would be to see these two become parents together, it looks like it’s just a joke. After Evan replied to Carly she replied back saying,” I had a whole bottle of wine to myself last night….which would be the only reason i’m nauseous today.”

While a baby may not be on the horizon just yet for Waddell and Bass, they are doing amazing and it’s obvious how much adoration they have for one another. Since there is no baby on the way yet, have plans moved closer for Carly and Evan to get married?

At least one of us pays attention #gotitans

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While it has been awhile since fans received an official update on wedding planning, E! News had shared not too long ago that the two were going to take their time getting to the altar. Bass had said, “”We haven’t set a date. We’re going to live some real life and see how it goes. We’re sort of anti-pressure, really. We’re just not going to put a lot of pressure on our relationship. We’re just going to move forward and have fun, and when the time is right to get married, we’ll do it.”

When asked if the two would allow their wedding to be televised, Carly said, “We’ll think about that when we think about that.”

Televised or not, fans cannot wait to see Waddell and Bass get hitched.

Man I'm happy, do I look happy?! ???? @theebass

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Carly and Evan may not have set a date for their upcoming wedding just yet, but Waddell has secured her a few bridesmaids and someone other than Chris Harrison to officiate the wedding. Evan admitted that while in Paradise he told new Bachelor Nick Viall he could officiate their wedding. Waddell has already asked best friend Jade Roper Tolbert and dear friend Juelia Kinney to be bridesmaids. So while nothing is set in stone it is great to know Carly and Evan are discussing things.

Since there is no baby and no wedding just yet, fans will just have to sit tight and enjoy Carly and Evan’s endless banter on social media. It is definitely entertaining and the photos are adorable. If any of the couples formed on Bachelor in Paradise this summer are going to make it down the aisle it will most definitely be Waddell and Bass. Stayed tuned for more developments in Carly and Evan’s budding relationship. Also, don’t forget to watch in January as The Bachelor, featuring Nick Viall, premieres season 21 on ABC.

[Featured Image by Evan Bass/Instagram]