Amazon Kindle DX Quietly Discontinued

Amazon has sold out of and discontinued sales for its Amazon Kindle DX e-book reader. The device, which has reached the end of its lifecycle, recently saw a price drop from $380 to $300. Amazon just recently removed the item completely, although some used copies are available to customers.

Amazon removed a “return to stock” date from the site, and the Kindle DX has been fully removed from the company’s pull-down comparison chart, which likely means the device is no longer an option for buyers.

Removing the Amazon Kindle DX from circulation makes sense considering Amazon has not advertised the device in a long time. In fact, Amazon recently cut it out completely from print and video advertisements that featured other options.

Released way back in 2009, the Kindle DX featured a 9.7-inch E-Ink display alongside a QWERTY keyboard. The device offered just a four-bit display with 1,200×824 pixels of resolution alongside 4GB of user memory.

The biggest selling point of the Kindle DX was its use of lifetime 3G for free, an option that could only be used to download e-books from any location at any time.

Amazon has not announced a replacement device for the Kindle DX. The company has focused much of its recent efforts on its Kindle Fire tablets, choosing to build out a product that allows for stronger digital product sales (apps, e-books) well into the future.

With tablets becoming more popular and often incorporating the type of e-Ink technology e-readers were known for, there’s a chance the DX type line of devices are over at Amazon. Then again, with the ability to pick up a full functioning tablet for $199, do we really need a $300 e-reader?