‘Big Brother: Over The Top’ Spoilers: Who Are Week 4 Nominees, Who Did America Place On The Chopping Block, Who Won POV, Who Was Involved In A ‘BBOTT’ Blowup?

Live feeds from inside the Big Brother: Over the Top house over the past few days have revealed which houseguests were not kept safe by the Head of Household (HOH) during the Safety Ceremony, which houseguest America chose to place on the chopping block, and who won this week’s Power of Veto (POV).

Kryssie Ridolfi, the Week 4 HOH, concluded the Safety Ceremony on Sunday after choosing which cast members she would like to keep safe during her reign. In the end, she saved Justin Duncan, Danielle Lickey, Whitney Hogg, Jason Roy, Shelby Stockton, and Neeley Jackson, leaving Morgan Willett and Scott Dennis as her nominees.

Alex Willett, who was originally Kryssie’s target, was saved from her wrath by viewers because she was given America’s Care Package this week with the Safety Servant advantage. In order to stay safe, however, Alex has had to follow all of Big Brother’s orders, which involve serving the HOH in any manner production deems necessary.

On Sunday night, voting for America’s Nominee for eviction began, and on Monday, one side of the house was deflated when they learned which cast mate viewers chose to place in jeopardy. At about 10 a.m. Big Brother: Over the Top house time, the cast members gathered in the living room to learn that America’s Nominee was Neeley, part of the Late Night Jamboree (LNJ) consisting of Danielle, Kryssie, Justin, and Jason.

Neeley’s nomination was not much of a surprise to hardcore fans, as a number of websites, including Joker’s Updates and Big Brother Network, had polls that indicated Neeley was the front runner to be placed on the block this week by viewers.

Several hours later, the Week 4 Big Brother: Over the Top POV competition was held with Whitney hosting the event. The nominees, Morgan, Scott, and Neeley took part, along with HOH Kryssie, and selected houseguests, Justin and Shelby.

According to Joker’s Updates, this POV was called “Wall of Shame,” and entailed scaling across a wall, opening a question that was on the wall regarding a houseguest, and then scaling back and grabbing a numbered tile that is thought to be the answer to the question. The houseguest with the fastest time within a 30-minute time frame was the winner of the POV.

Ultimately, Justin and Kryssie were disqualified for going beyond the 30-minute mark; Neeley received two penalties and ended up with a time of 26:15; Shelby’s time was 12:18; Scott obtained a time of 8:51; and Morgan was the POV victor with the shortest time of 8:35.

Morgan will surely use the POV to save herself, thus Kryssie will be required to choose another houseguest to sit on the Big Brother: Over the Top block as a replacement nominee. Kryssie has vowed to keep her alliance safe, so the only other cast members she can possibly choose from to replace Morgan are Shelby and Whitney.

Following the POV challenge, the LNJ felt defeated and all met up in the HOH room to bash the other side of the house – a recurring theme this season of Big Brother.

According to Joker’s Updates, at about 6:18 p.m. there was a Big Brother: Over the Top blowout in the kitchen after Scott mentioned something about how unfortunate it was that the LNJ, or the current HOH crew, was unable to watch the POV challenge. Danielle made a comment that she was able to sleep during the competition, to which Scott replied with something like, “It was just another day then.”

This seemed to infuriate the LNJ, as Jason asked if Scott was insinuating Danielle slept all the time. Scott was honest and said, “Yes.” Jason attacked Scott by telling him that everyone knows he’s a “d***,” Joker’s Updates reports. Danielle then chimed in and told Scott the “puppet master” in his alliance is Alex because Scott is “not smart enough to be a puppet master.” She then told Scott some additional unpleasant things, as well as that everyone wants him gone, to which Scott simply replied, “oh really… everyone…?”

Justin was present, observing the heated confrontation and laughing, but later telling Scott he doesn’t like to see anyone down, which made Scott smile.

At around 8:13 on live feeds, LNJ talk focused on another in Scott’s alliance, Shelby.

Danielle was heard saying she is going to troll Shelby once they are done with the show, while Jason went a step further and quipped he will burn her house down, saying the game has turned him into an arsonist, Joker’s Updates reports.

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