Thomas Gibson Receives An Outpouring Of Support From Fans: Could 'Criminal Minds' Back Down?

Kim McLendon

Thomas Gibson is learning the extent of his popularity with fans. Little did he realize how much he actually means to not only Criminal Minds fans but also those who loved him in Dharma and Greg.

Criminal Minds writers are also learning the downside of firing Gibson. Viewer ratings are down by 12 percent according to Variety. The ratings for last season were already flagging quite a bit from Season 10 so the show could feel repercussions from CBS for the drop. Is the hashtag #NoHotchNoWatch working?

"'Criminal Minds' drew a 1.8 demo rating, down 10 percent from last fall's series premiere, and 8.9 million viewers, down 12 percent."

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"Criminal Minds fell 11 percent among total viewers versus Season 10, from a 14.281 million episodic average to 12.763 million [Season 11]. That trajectory probably won't reverse as the show gets even older and sheds fan favorites along the way."
"Criminal Minds may live to regret firing Thomas Gibson. Or perhaps it won't live at all beyond its upcoming 12th season."

Thomas Gibson also directed six Criminal Minds episodes over the last few years, according to IMDb. Matthew Gray Gubler directed nine episodes as well. Joe Mantegna has directed four. Cast members frequently direct and sometimes even write whole episodes.

Matthew Gray Gubler played Dr. Spencer Reid in 255 episodes and Kirsten Vangsness has appeared in 253 during the same time period, prior to Gibson's dismissal, by way of comparison.

Shemar Moore, who also recently decided to leave the show, appeared as Derick Morgan 250 times. A.J. Cook, AKA special agent Jennifer Jareau, has appeared in 237 episodes. She isn't quite an original cast member but has been a faithful member of the cast since late in the first season. Joe Mantegna, who became David Rossi in 2007, has appeared in 210 episodes, according to IMDb.

While other Criminal Minds cast members have come and gone, these six people, including Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore, have been the backbone of the show for the past 11 seasons. Losing two of them in Season 12 is impacting fans in a very negative way.

Padget Brewster who portrays Emily Prentiss is a perennial favorite, coming and going as her schedule permits. She has 132 Criminal Minds episodes under her belt. Emily Prentiss even had a funeral on the show, but still returned with a good explanation for her absence, with certain agencies having faked her death. With that precedent, perhaps Thomas Gibson fans should not give up even if Gibson dies on the show.

Criminal Minds fans have been consistently loyal through many casting changes, including the loss of the often mourned Jason Gideon, played by Mandy Patinkin in 2007. Now, though, one of their favorites has been fired. It feels different to fans when an actor has been fired rather than when he quits in order to pursue another role.

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Matthew Gray Gubler is a major heartthrob for the young ladies who love Gubler's handsome face, sweet disposition, and quirky artistic persona. They will not be happy if Gubler's show is canceled. In fact, they will be devastated. That alone should be enough for CBS to give Criminal Minds the benefit of the doubt and not cancel them for one bad season. However, sometimes, networks can be heartless toward even sweet little girls with a crush. In the end, it is all about numbers.

Criminal Minds star Kirsten Vangsness also portrays very beloved character Penelope Garcia and is an inspiration to many women who identify with the character powerfully. Penelope is seen by some as a sort of role model for perkiness.


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A.J. Cook, Joe Mantegna, and Paget Brewster also have a lot of fans who care about them as well. Then there are those people who simply love everything about the show, from the cast to the plot to the various intricacies of each episode.

CBS viewers love Criminal Minds, but they love it best with Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore. These two stars are the cream and sugar in the coffee without which, coffee isn't very good, at least not for those who prefer cream and sugar. Considering that, it might be a good idea for the show's management to reconsider their decision to fire Thomas Gibson and arrange for a couple of guest appearances for Shemar.

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