WWE News: WWE Hall of Fame Star Says Seth Rollins In Not Dangerous In The Ring

Over the past few months, Bret “The Hit Man” Hart has been ripping Seth Rollins, calling him a dangerous wrestler who hurts others in the WWE because he is too sloppy in the ring. When Bret Hart then turned his attention on ripping the Fabulous Freebirds, it brought out Michael Hayes to defend his late partners and then Hayes decided he would defend Seth Rollins as well.

The biggest problem that Bret Hart has with Seth Rollins are three injuries that have occurred in the WWE ring. Rollins hurt Sting with a buckle bomb last year, which led to Sting’s retirement. Seth broke John Cena’s nose. Finally, Seth Rollins injured Finn Balor just when the WWE was starting to get behind the NXT star.

Bret Hart called Seth Rollins sloppy and said that Seth would eventually kill someone if he didn’t improve in the ring. Bret’s brother Smith Hart went as far as to call on the WWE to fire Rollins. Michael Hayes says neither man knows what they are talking about.

“Ask John Cena what happened with the nose thing. John will tell you, ‘it was my fault’. Sting had this perennial neck problem from years of wrestling. And then, the thing with Finn Bálor, Finn, you know, is supposed to take that thing on your shoulders, on your back. He put his arm back there to brace and there it went.”

Michael Hayes pretty much said that Seth Rollins was not to blame for any of the injuries and it could have happened to anyone. Bret Hart has a point that some moves, like the buckle bomb, are too dangerous, but it is about Seth Rollins and his opponent understanding how to execute the moves properly and safely.

Of course, Seth Rollins has also found himself injured on a number of occasions, so there might be some truth to the fact that he needs to ease up a little in the ring for both his sake and the sake of other wrestlers.

Seth Rollins is still one of the biggest faces on WWE Monday Night Raw. His style in the ring has always been more suited for being a good guy so the WWE has moved him back into that role as he battles Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship. However, with the move to a face, his risky move set increases as well.

However, Michael Hayes said that no one is shying away from getting in the ring with Seth Rollins.

“You can’t find anybody in the locker room that does not want to work with Seth Rollins. Nobody!”


As the Inquisitr previously reported, Michael Hayes also spoke out about his former teammates in the Freebirds, who Bret Hart said didn’t belong in the WWE Hall of Fame. As Hayes pointed out, the reason that Owen Hart is not in the WWE Hall of Fame has more to do with Hart’s widow and the WWE than anyone else.

“Bret knows why Owen is not in the Hall Of Fame and it has nothing to do with The Fabulous Freebirds. I can tell you that. And the other guys that are in, whether you agree with that opinion or not, you’re entitled to it, but The Freebirds don’t have anything to do with them not going in or not going in as of yet.”

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