'Dancing With The Stars' Results Week 7: Who Went Home Tonight? Seven Couples Remain - Who Will Make It To The 'DWTS' Season 23 Finals?

Cheryl Phillips

Who went home on Dancing with the Stars on Week 7? One couple was eliminated after eight couples performed two dances each on Eras Night, leaving seven celebrities safe for another week. The scores and votes from fans are more important than ever this week, and tonight's show marks the halfway point to the DWTS Season 23.

Who topped the leaderboard on Eras Night, which couples were told they were in jeopardy, and who went home at the end of the two-hour show that was jam-packed with some very impressive performances? Here's a complete recap of what happened on Monday night!

Warning: Dancing With the Stars Season 23 Week 7 elimination results ahead!

Before Tom Bergeron announced the name of the couple who would be leaving on Monday night, the couples all danced to music from different eras (1920s-1990s). After getting their scores for their individual dances (see leaderboard below), they moved on to a competitive and spirited team dance round (Team Past and Team Future).

Laurie and Val danced first this week, scoring a 34 (8-8-9-9) for their Quickstep set to a 60s prom theme. Julianne Hough told them that their dance was "amazing," but they wouldn't end up with the highest score of the night.

Ryan and Cheryl just can't break out of low score land no matter how hard they try. Their Rumba just didn't cut it, with Bruno telling Ryan that "technique just isn't your forte." They scored a 28 (7-7-7-7) for their performance.

Marilu and Derek were up next with their 20s Charleston. Carrie Ann said their dance felt a "little tense," and the scores reflected the lackluster reviews from the judges — 29 (7-7-8-7).

Calvin and Lindsay performed a 1950s Jive, and Len noted that Calvin "improved so much" and he absolutely "loved it." They ruled the leaderboard early-on in the night with a 36 (9-9-9-9).

Terra and Sasha did a fantastic job with their 1930s Foxtrot on Monday night. Julianne told Terra that she really "brought it back this week," and their scores from the judges reflected their hard work — 34 (9-8-98).

Jana and Gleb had a perfect 40 last week, so all eyes were on their Samba to the 70s hit "Get Down Tonight." They didn't disappoint, although Len critiqued some of their moves, saying that he fully expects them to be in the finals this season. Their score wasn't perfect, but still kept them near the top of the leaderboard this week — 34 (8-8-9-9)

James and Sharna performed a 1940s Jitterbug, and despite Sharna's knee injury, they did an amazing job on the dance floor once again. Len called James a "major contender" in the competition and said they would get a "lovely high score from him." Indeed they did — 36 (9-9-9-9).

The couples were split into two teams — Team Past and Team Future. The scores from their team performances were added to the scores they earned from their individual dances on Monday night.

Team Past — James and Sharna, Calvin and Lindsay, Ryan and Cheryl, and Maureen and Artem performed a Viennese Waltz. Len called it a "proper team dance." Their score: 38 (10-9-9-10)

Team Future — Marilu and Derek, Laurie and Valentin, Terra and Sasha, and Jana and Gleb received a total score of 35 (8-9-9-9) for their very futuristic performance, one that Julianne said it was a "very cool concept." However, there were a few moments that were out of sync.

The scores from the team dances were added to the couples' individual dance scores (see full leaderboard below).

Earlier in the week, Buddy TV's John Kubicek noted that Sasha has never won a team dance and was also eliminated during both seasons on the night of the team dances, prompting speculation that Terra and Sasha could be eliminated on Monday night.

Who went home on Week 7?

Eliminated tonight with the lowest scores and fans' votes from Week 6 were Maureen and Artem.

Here's how everyone ranked this week. Votes are needed to keep the bottom-ranking couples in the competition for another week.