Richie Wakile Faces Backlash After Jokes On ‘RHONJ’: Was Teresa Giudice Right About Him?

Richie Wakile used to be a big part of The Real Housewives of New Jersey when his wife, Kathy Wakile, was a full-time cast member on the show. A few years ago, Kathy and her sister, Rosie Pierri, stopped filming the show and the family started falling into the background. During the year that Teresa Giudice was in prison, they managed to keep a low profile in the media. But now that Teresa is out of prison, Kathy and Rosie want to make peace with their cousin. Sadly, Giudice can’t get over the jokes that Richie Wakile once made about her and now that Richie is back on the show in various scenes, the jokes continue.

According to a new tweet, Richie Wakile is now revealing that he is known for making jokes and he isn’t about to slow down with them. While his wife, Kathy Wakile, and his sister-in-law, Rosie, can handle the jokes, fans are not happy with the way he’s being insensitive to people.

“Ok people the 4rsome joke was not funny or in good taste! Can’t be funny all th time so let’s move on. Kathy Wakile, Rosie Pierri & I r good,” Richie Wakile revealed as The Real Housewives of New Jersey aired last night, adding later, “life is to short not to b silly most of the time.”

Teresa Giudice revealed that she was upset with Richie Wakile for throwing her cookbook in the garbage can while filming The Real Housewives of New Jersey a few years ago. Teresa had written a book in hopes of supporting her family and get money to help pay for their legal troubles, but Richie Wakile decided to throw it in the garbage as a joke. While it was supposed to be funny, it did trigger something for Giudice. With everything that was going on in her life, Teresa had hoped to get support from her family.


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But when Richie Wakile was back on the show this season, he started making more jokes, but sadly they didn’t sit well with viewers. While he is indeed still making jokes, fans think he’s being insensitive because of everything Teresa is going through.

“We joke all the time! We laugh always! I’m a joker 99% of the time I’m funny! No one is 100%,” Wakile later revealed on Twitter.

“Problem is ur NEVER funny. Nothing remotely charming about u. Why not let ur wife talk sometime?” one person wrote back to Richie Wakile, who ignored this particular tweet.

But Richie did write back to tweets that were supportive of him, adding to one fan, “I’m who I am and get some B/S for saying what everyone else is thinking. Will never change.”

When Kathy Wakile showed up with Rosie to Teresa Giudice’s book signing, they really wanted to make peace with Giudice. But she wasn’t exactly willing to meet up with her cousins to discuss their issues. And in her blog for The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa revealed that Richie Wakile played a huge role in why she didn’t want to settle the peace with Kathy and Rosie. She said that Richie’s jokes were hurtful and she never got an apology from him. So she doesn’t feel comfortable letting Kathy into her life again.

What do you think of Richie Wakile’s jokes? Do you think he’s being insensitive to Teresa, especially since Richie’s wife Kathy wants to make peace with Giudice? Do you think he’s standing in the way?

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