Obama Campaign Promises Not To Repeat Mistakes In Tomorrow’s Debate

As tomorrow’s Obama-Romney debate approaches, the second in this hotly-contested election cycle, the President is coming off a strong showing by right-hand man Joe Biden in last week’s fiery debate with VP challenger Paul Ryan.

As we reported earlier, both contenders are training hard for the Obama-Romney debate. And campaign adviser to the President David Axelrod stepped into enemy territory yesterday morning to speak on the debate prep President Barack Obama is undergoing in order to face challenger Mitt Romney tomorrow night at Hofstra University.

Axelrod has been one of the most vocal presences of Obama’s campaign, and the camp’s top dog sat down Sunday morning with the channel’s Fox News Sunday hinting at part of the President’s debate strategy.

Axelrod confirmed Obama will hammer Romney on his mathematically impossible fiscal plans, plans the former governor of Massachusetts has declined to detail since he began touting them on the campaign trail. Of Obama’s expected talking points, Axelrod explained:

“I think he’s going to be aggressive in making the case for his view of where we should go as a country.”

Specifically addressing Romney and Ryan’s tax assertions, Axelrod says:

” … we’re going to give Governor Romney another chance on Tuesday to try and square this impossible circle … He is a great salesman … That is what he did as a professional, he is very good at it.”

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Republican Senator Rob Portman sparred with Romney ahead of the first debate, playing the role of Obama in mock debates prior to the initial one. Of Obama’s attack plan, Portman predicted on ABC’s This Week:

“They’ve spent hundreds of millions of dollars around the country, including a lot in Ohio, mischaracterizing Governor Romney’s positions and misrepresenting him … And I think you’ll see that again at the debate on Tuesday night.”

Are you tuning in for tomorrow’s Obama-Romney debate at Hofstra? Who do you think will win this round?