‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: What To Expect In The Season 7 Premiere

The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere is finally here, and fans are still scouring the internet for spoilers. It seems that many viewers want to know what to expect during the big premiere episode so that they can mentally prepare themselves for what they’ll watch when the episode airs on Sunday night.

Warning: Major spoilers below!

According to The Spoiling Dead Facebook fan page, who have become the leaders in Walking Dead spoilers, the episode is going to be very emotional, shocking, and even gruesome at some points. The fan page posted many spoilers of what viewers can expect to see during the episode when it airs on Sunday night.

According to the post, the episode will show the deaths of not one, but two, major characters. The beloved characters of Glenn and Abraham are reportedly Negan’s unlucky victims, with Abraham being chosen first out of the lineup. However, when Daryl has an outburst over Abraham’s death, Negan will choose to kill another member of Rick’s group as a punishment for Daryl’s behavior. Instead of killing Daryl himself, Walking Dead fans will watch as Negan will make his way over to Glenn and kill him with his baseball bat, which he’s named Lucille.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers: Who does NEgan kill?
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After Negan murders the two members of Rick’s group, he’ll also mess with Rick’s mind. Negan will drag Rick and pull him into the RV where he’ll take him on a bizarre road trip. Negan will throw Rick out into a pile of walkers and let him fend for himself. When Rick makes it out alive, Negan will allow him to re-enter the vehicle and take him back to the broken down group.

When Negan and Rick return to the group, Negan’s power trip will continue. He’ll call Carl up to the front of the group with Rick and reveal that if Rick doesn’t chop off Carl’s arm that he’ll beat him to death with Lucille. Rick will beg Negan to take his own life and/or hand instead of Carl’s, but Negan will insist that Rick swing the ax and chop off Carl’s arm. When Rick believes he has no other options he begins to swing the ax, but Negan will stop him just before he chops off Carl’s arm. Negan will then believe that he’s completely broken Rick, which is exactly what he wanted.

Although there have been many rumors that Rick and/or Carl would lose a limb during The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere, it seems that both father and son will leave physically unharmed by Negan and The Saviors. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Glenn and Abraham, who will reportedly be left lying on the ground with their heads bashed in. The post reveals that Rick and his group will be forced to move the dead bodies themselves and transport them to a place that they can give them a proper burial.

The Walking Dead: Rick's a broken man in Season 7.
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Throughout the course of the episode, Walking Dead fans will also see a heartbreaking dream sequence in which Rick and the whole group are alive and well inside the walls of the Alexandria safe zone. Glenn and Maggie’s baby will be there, and it’s said the Sasha will even be pregnant with Abraham’s child in the dream of what could have been if Negan had never entered their lives.

Meanwhile, the gang will be headed to the Hilltop for help, as Maggie will still be sick and her baby’s life will be in danger. The entire episode is said to be very emotional, and many Walking Dead fans will likely have very dramatic reactions upon watching it all play out.

What are your thoughts on the reported Walking Dead Season 7 premiere spoilers? Do you think they’re correct?

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